The long-running morning show, “Fox & Friends” may be losing one of its presenters soon after this quote today from…

…Abby Huntsman, the glamour section of the three stooges fronting the program. Referring to Trump’s imminent meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, she asked Anthony Scaramucci:

“Regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now, this is history.”

Oooooops! Bye Abby.

[1] “”Two dictators’: Fox News host says sorry for reference to Trump-Kim summit” Guardian, June 11th 2018

2 Replies to “TRUMPED!”

  1. Oh my – ya gotta larf!

    I rather like this scenario though – I always admired Abby’s Dad, we hear very little of him in his ambassadorial post in Russia. He’s a good looker and she takes after him. I also had a sneaking liking for Scaramucci, was sorry when he didn’t last long. Anything that lightens the atmosphere these days simply has to be a welcome addition.

    I’m so, so ,so fed up of the constant criticism of President Trump. Yes, I agree he should never, ever be president of the USA, he can be an a/hole of the highest degree, but he is president, and it’s the USA’s own darn fault. DANG! Why can’t pundits etc deal with it in a more grown up way? I despise those late night hosts and internet pundits constantly telling the same old jokes, carping about the same old things – things we have known for months.
    Even poor Melania Trump can do nothing right, while Saint Michelle Obama could do nothing wrong.

    I now read only the BBC website as to presidential matters, and the recent doings with the North Korean leader. It at least has a more sober attitude about a serious issue – which this really is.

    I’m willing to wait and see, everyone else is falling over themselves to find fault, pick holes in Trump’s recent doings. Saint Obama didn’t ever even try to do anything helpful in the Korean direction. He was too busy sending drones hither and thither.

    Sorry, RJ but I think I must be turning into a……shhhh!

  2. Twilight ~ yes, I was also impressed with Jon Huntsman. He was one of the better Republicans. It was disappointing to find one of his daughters fronting Fox News. You’re darned right it’s America’s fault Trump managed to grab the top position, but the rest of the world is suffering, too. Climate change denial, drastic aid cuts to impoverished countries, immigrant children torn from their parents arms at the Southern border, trade disrupted throughout the world, etc, etc, this man is a narcissistic megalomaniac. It may have been a Freudian slip on Abby Huntsman’s part but it was nevertheless accurate – two brutal dictators together. Kim Jong-un may be putting a smiley face to the world right now, but let’s not forget he had his uncle executed and almost certainly was responsible for his half-brother’s murder, plus countless others of his countrymen. Trump has made no secret of admiring such types – Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is just one other example.
    Like you, I despise the late night entertainers whose only hope of a laugh is to deride Trump. He’s not laughable, quite the opposite. And, yes, I deplore the sainthood of Obama who murdered plenty.
    America needs to wake up to what it’s done, but there’s a certain inbred arrogance about Americans today (not all) that finds “America First” (and stuff everybody else) as an alright way to be.

    I do hope you’re not turning into a….shhhh! 😉

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