To Hell In A Handbasket

The human species is doomed to extinction. It cannot possibly survive the ongoing deterioration imposed on its societal structures. Proliferation of the species will not be its undoing; neither will outside influences such as climate change, though both will undoubtedly prove catalytic to its downfall.

The species Homo sapiens has evolved with one serious defect. It may have developed a complicated brain, but in the process it failed to rid itself of the reptilian core of that brain. That core is still the most active component. It works on the subconscious mind and is the driving factor in our competitiveness, our greed for money, power, and what we define as ‘success’. It is also responsible for our greatest weakness: a susceptibility to mass manipulation.

There are vast numbers of humans who deride any suggestion of extinction. They see themselves as the pinnacle of creation, the human brain as the ultimate Universal invention. How could a creature so clever, so ultimately intelligent, bring about its own destruction?

There are also vast numbers of humans around the planet who accept the eventual demise of Homo sapiens, even welcome it, in the (to them) certain knowledge it will be engineered by their Divinity, who will whisk them up into the Heavens in the nick of time, leaving the unbelievers to their fate.

Each of these groups, paralyzed by their own mental malaise, will substantially contribute to the demise of the species.

It won’t be Middle Eastern conflicts, or al Qaeda, that cause our extinction, it will be the affluent Western nations. The arrogance and power of America and its European allies has, over generations, bred out of their societies even the most basic foundations of common sense. Governments have become nothing more than sanctuaries for elite corruption, peopled by rich ignoramuses whose lack of intelligence and common sense make them ideal puppets for the powerful oligarchs steadily milking their nation’s assets to bolster already bulging bank accounts.

The social media, controlled by these fat-cats, has been force-feeding a steady diet of propaganda to the ordinary people for years. Those efforts are now beginning to bear fruit.

The accidental killing of a twenty-year-old girl outside a church in Florida recently is just one example, from thousands, of how human minds have been warped en masse to accept the unacceptable.

When Hannah Kelley was killed outside the church where her father is pastor, the really shocking aspect of the story was completely missed by a) the media, and b) most of America.

This man, Moises Zambrana –

– was inside the church proudly displaying his firearm to the victim’s boyfriend. Then it went off. The bullet passed through a wall and hit Hannah Kelley in the head.[1]

The question of why this man, who had come to worship his Maker, brought a gun into church, was never asked? It was merely stated that he ‘had a licence for concealed carry’, as though that made it perfectly acceptable.

There have been numerous instances of so-called ‘Christian’ churches in America welcoming guns into their midst – even blessing them! The extent to which the human mind can be twisted away from the teachings of Christianity, yet still be acceptably Christian within society, is proof to the effectiveness of mass propaganda.

We’re all aware of the effects of so-called ‘political correctness’ on our societies. Notions that begin with good intent, usually the protection of minorities, cascade out of control to become weapons with which to beat innocents, and none more so than our own children.

Not long ago, Sparrow Chat featured an article describing Texan schools and the police utilized to enforce punishment for often very minor misdemeanors. (see:“Republican Primaries Or A Gathering Of Skunks?” Sparrow Chat, January 19th 2012)

In the UK, the government is forcing schools to report children who use ‘racial slurs’, even though the child may be as young as five, and unaware of the meaning of the words they used. It’s not a new strategy. This, from the UK’s Daily Mail in 2010:

…[Principals] will be forced to list children as young as five on school ‘hate registers’ over everyday playground insults.
Even minor incidents must be recorded as examples of serious bullying and details kept on a database until the pupil leaves secondary school.
Teachers are to be told that even if a primary school child uses homophobic or racist words without knowing their meaning, simply teaching them such words are hurtful and inappropriate is not enough.
Instead the incident has to be recorded and his or her behaviour monitored for future signs of ‘hate’ bullying.
The accusations will also be recorded in databases held by councils and made available to Whitehall and ministers to help them devise future anti-bullying campaigns…[2]

Examples of this crazed authoritarianism can readily be found on forums throughout the internet. Here is one in the UK, from 2010:

…My daughter is in year 1 and is 5years old, a few weeks ago she called a mixed race child “brown” at school, the child (my daughters best friend since age 2) got upset so told the teacher, the teacher made me aware what had happened and that was that.

Today when I went to collect my daughter from school, I was asked to come into the office by the head teacher. The head advised me that my daughter had called the same girl a “Brown cow” and the girl was upset, they said as this is the 2nd time she has made a racist remarks it will be put on record and reported to the council. I was so upset! my daughter is NOT racist, she is 5years old, she has coloured family members and family friends. Now it is down on record that my child is racist…”[3]

The shocking truth of such happenings is not simply that we can virtually criminalize innocent children for everyday childhood behavior, it is that, with blind acceptance, we allow authority – in this case government at all levels – to impose these insane regulations.

Society has been brainwashed over two generations to believe that the innocent taunt of a five year old should be held on record against the child throughout its school career (and who knows how much further!). A prime example of ignorance being no defense in law?

At this point, you may well be agreeing with the illogicality of such actions, but wondering, “What has this to do with the extinction of the human race?”

In a word: technology.

Technology has become the true Divinity of the human race. While there are areas where technology has huge advantages for Homo sapiens – for example, in medical research, – over the last fifty years we have seen the development of the ultimate technological control weapon: mass media.

It can be argued that mass media controls government by informing us of its actions and decisions. That is certainly true, but as a society we have lost the means to do anything about it. The ballot box is a farce. All political parties are themselves controlled by their, and our, corporate masters. It matters not one jot whom we vote for, though our reptilian brain insists we be transfixed by mass media whenever politicians are vying with each other for their little bit of extra power.

It needs little analysis of US TV programming to recognize the changes that have occurred over the last thirty to forty years. One of the most obvious being a huge increase in violence on the screen. The intention is not to turn us violent, but to make us more accepting of violence.

Mass media can even make extinction seem attractive

Sex, on the other hand, is still tightly controlled. Heaven forbid we should all become more sexually loving towards each other!

Our rush to develop technology for profit, and the consequent thoughtless misuse of some of the hailed ‘innovations’, has created societies that no longer work together or integrate in real life. Many of our societies today are ephemeral, almost imaginary, like Facebook and other online meeting sites. Despite the multitude of technological communication devices available, we are more isolated and fragmented as a species than ever before.

The result is more and more reliance on media-formulated information, or, as is so frequently the case, mis-information. The recent sad death of Whitney Houston was whipped up by the media to such an extent that ‘a small, private, funeral service’ became a huge TV event with golden hearses and limousines.

Google has recently announced changes to what it laughably calls its ‘privacy policy’. It’s already been caught spying on owners of Apple products. No longer are we private individuals. We are data. Soon, everything we do each day of our lives will be stored in a vast database somewhere.

It’s all about control. Information is power, and the more information about us that is available to those who would run the world, the more power they gain to control us.

That may not be so bad were these individuals wise and caring. They’re not. In fact, they don’t give a damn about ordinary folks. They consider themselves way above the average man and woman in the street. They are greedy and ignorant, but they do know one basic fact: the mass of the people will believe anything if it’s told to them sufficiently often, and cleverly enough, by the media.

Every day the United States of America sends pilotless drone aircraft into the skies above Pakistan and Afghanistan to assassinate individuals they consider a potential threat to the nation, or its ‘interests’. It is cold-blooded murder. Frequently, innocent individuals are slaughtered by these drones due to mis-information, or some mistake by the drone’s controllers.

When Adolf Hitler used pilotless drones to bomb British cities, towards the end of World War II, it was considered one of the great war crimes of the twentieth century. They were known as the V1 and V2 rockets.

Americans, en masse, now consider the use of drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan as perfectly acceptable. They do so because the mass media has, over time, gently insinuated it is so. Most good citizens of America, or of any European nation, would as soon ponder the next football match result than concern themselves with the inhumanities committed by their government, in their name.

This article began by stating that the human species is doomed to extinction. It is the greed of a few powerful individuals, coupled with the inability of the mass of humanity to think for itself, that will bring it about.

We have proved we are incapable of resisting the controlling influence of mass media when it is used to manipulate us en masse. We will come to believe anything if it’s told to us, as truth, and with sufficient frequency.

The human race can only sustain itself indefinitely if it works together towards a common goal. The reptilian core at the center of our brains makes us incapable of doing so, as it demands competition, not cooperation. Those wielding sufficient power to make it happen won’t be inclined to do so as their greed blinds them to all except short-term profit. By the time climate change, coupled with human proliferation, creates a serious crisis for the species, it will be too late.

Just like the dinosaurs, our failure to evolve beyond our reptilian brain will be our eventual undoing. Sadly, the gentle Orangutan probably won’t still be around to wave us goodbye.

[1] “Pastor’s daughter, 20, dies a week after being shot in the head by a stray bullet at her father’s church” Daily Mail, February 19th 2012

[2] “Pupils aged five on hate register: Teachers must log playground taunts for Government database” Daily Mail, March 4th 2010

[3] “5year old accused of being racist?” NetMums, August 2010

6 Replies to “To Hell In A Handbasket”

  1. Like the song says, RJA, “something’s gotta give” and we are a sad and sorry species indeed. Even though, I truly believe, capable of greatness. Long lost to unbridled greed for “MORE”.
    I am reading a marvellous book by Farley Mowat and he talks of the extinction of the Great Walrus in Newfoundland (along with countless other species) barbarically massacred for their ivories and oil.
    Your post and this book sum up the insanity.

  2. Once again I marvel at the research, the erudition, and the sheer hard work that goes into your pieces.

    Perhaps if enough people were as committed then the world really would change. But, as you say –

    ‘Most good citizens of America, or of any European nation, would as soon ponder the next football match result than concern themselves with the inhumanities committed by their government, in their name.’

    There used to be a saying in Britain to the effect that if you really want things to change, close all the pubs and cancel all football matches.

    (By the way, I am sure a man of your wide interests will know of the song ‘As soon as this pub closes, the revolution starts.’)

    I have recently been watching and listening (again) to Buffy Sainte Marie singing ‘Universal Soldier’. Isn’t it really about individual responsibility?

    As long as we are so lazy as to want someone else to do the thinking for us there will be a steady stream of those only too willing to oblige – who, almost by definition, are unfit to do so.

    But I know it’s not as simple as that, and I am prepared to believe that there are at least some politicians (American and European) who seek office with the best of intentions. But, as you point out, there are powerful institution and interest groups who make their job not as straightforward as they thought it might be.

    Technology is neutral. Like the baseball bat, it is how you use it.
    (You are using it now to make your views known to a wide audience)

    I wouldn’t agree with you entirely about the reptilian brain: it performs a vital function and we really would be stuck without it. I think you are right though in saying that we need to evolve to a point where we can better control it.

  3. WWW – some individuals, or even very small groups, I agree, are ‘capable of greatness’. On a national scale we’re a disaster.

    George – thanks, I appreciate the compliments.

    ‘Universal Soldier’ is all about individual responsibility, but as you note, for most of us that responsibility never rises above supporting our favorite football team and the local brewery.

    Regarding the reptilian brain, I didn’t mean to suggest we should just do without it. As you rightly expound, if it were somehow surgically removed, we couldn’t function. I was thinking more along the lines of evolution having failed to replace it with a more sophisticated version….but, maybe on the Mark 2 version…or, possibly, it was just another of God’s little faux pas?

    Sorry, in the para below the ‘Resident Evil” image, I did inadvertently make ‘technology’ responsible for much of our woes, rather than our own misuse of it. It was misleading, and I’ve now amended that section.

  4. Impressive post, RJ! Depressing though – but what else can it be if it’s to be truthful?

    Re our reptilian brain and general development – I see what we are as being the sum total of the ingredents that went into us – in the proportions that somehow glommed together to form life, then like Topsy, “growed and growed”. There wasn’t any other way we could have turned out, given our environment and makeup. So we’re stuck with ourselves – we are what we are.
    Nothing we can do about it – not one darned thing except try to understand it all and proceed in the best we can, as we see it. 🙁

  5. andante – I’m not sure ‘lucky’ is the right adjective to describe the disaster in your country, but it was, indeed, fortunate the resultant nuclear accident didn’t cause more imediate widespread suffering. It may not be known for sometime just how bad the real effects will be.

    Twilight – yes, we are what we are – stuck with our reptilian core that causes us to attack each other for economic advantage. Much as the dinosaurs fought over food.

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