Mind Your Own Business, Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York

The Catholic Church, in the form of Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York (what the hell is a ‘cardinal-designate, anyway?), is upset that some of its members may now have access to insurance that covers birth control. Despite President Obama changing the law to ensure Catholic institutions, like certain hospitals and universities, aren’t financially penalized, the Catholic clergy of America are affronted by this new bill that allows for mandatory birth control and sterilization under all health care insurance.[1]

Last Friday, in a closed conference of Catholic bishops headed by Cardinal-designate Dolan, a briefing was circulated that included these comments:

“First, there is the respect for religious liberty. No government has the right to intrude into the affairs of the Church, much less coerce, the Church faithful individuals to engage in or cooperate in any way with immoral practices.

Second, it is the place of the Church, not of government to define its religious identity and ministry.

Third, we continue to oppose the underlying policy of a government mandate for purchase or promotion of contraception, sterilization or abortion inducing drugs.”[2]

The accusation of government encroaching on religious liberty, which is condemned, is followed immediately by the Church declaring its intent to encroach on the policies of government.

The Catholic Church, in the form of Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York, has a perfect right to be affronted. It is a teaching of the Catholic Church that the use of such methods is a sin. Anyone who is fool enough to believe those teachings is unlikely to be tempted to use birth control, for fear of everlasting damnation. Those who flout those teachings should leave the Catholic Church forthwith.

It’s a simple choice. Either you’re sufficiently simple-minded to believe the claptrap religious nutcases like Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York spews forth, or you do not belong to the Catholic Church.

If the latter is the case, President Obama’s new bill can be nothing but beneficial to you. If you belong to the former group, then it is totally irrelevant to you.

Anything more is just sanctimonious piety meddling in the affairs of others.

The Catholic Church, in the form of Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York, should mind its own business and leave the US government to do the same.

[1] “U.S. bishops blast Obama’s contraception compromise” Washington Post, February 11th 2012

[2] “Return to Rome Special Posting: Catholic Bishops-only internal briefing on the HHS regulations “compromise”” Patheos.com (a Catholic blog), February 11th 2012

5 Replies to “Mind Your Own Business, Cardinal-designate Dolan of New York”

  1. As an ex-Catholic, I’m probably biased on this issue. But I would wager that 90% of all Catholics could care less about this battle. Yet, as is typical in just about all the battles Mr.Obama enters, he is caving on this one.

  2. Al – the media all say Obama caved because he’s scared of losing the Catholic vote, but I agree that probably 90% of Catholics aren’t the least concerned about the contraception issue.
    Apparently, neither he nor the Catholic hierarchy are aware of that fact, which is a sad reflection on both.

  3. This mingling of church and state business breaches the constitution, does it not? I find it difficult to believe that these patriarchal old relics are given the time of day along with tax free status.
    PS On your blog the system defaults to microscopic font. I found the font widget so now change it to large. 🙂

  4. Rick Santorum is stoking these fires also.
    Republicans are so hypocritical (some Dems are too, it has to be said). Republicans want small government, want government out of health care, welfare etc etc etc – but at the same time they want to dictate what people should be doing in their private lives.

    Obama is a broken reed.

  5. WWW – what constitution?

    I hope I’ve now repaired Sparrow Chat for you. I guess you’re still using Internet Explorer? It’s highly sensitive to bad html, whereas other browsers like Chrome and Firefox are less so. One missing html end tag was all it took to send IE wonky. I never use it, so didn’t notice it was affected.

    Twilight – Rick Santorum is now the front runner. I guess many Americans think it’s okay to sleep with dead babies?

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