Time To Change Their Diapers?

Do we ever mature beyond the nursery years? Is there really a period of “adulthood” or is it simply a continuation of adolescence? Media portrayal of the news leaves one thinking, if we are not all immature, then certainly our leaders lack the strength of character necessary for those supposedly in such exalted positions.

Are world governments nothing more than play-centers for the mentally retarded?

Take the news today as an example:

The BBC leads with a story about Estonia and Russia – coming to blows over a statue. Russia has recalled its ambassador; Estonia says the statue is a symbol of Russian occupation, and must go.

At the end of it all – one person is already dead – it’s just a lump of stone.

Meanwhile, in India Richard Gere is facing arrest for daring to kiss an Indian film star in public. Never mind the huge amount of work Gere has undertaken in India on behalf of AIDS victims, an infantile judiciary has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Yesterday, Britain’s baby-boy prime minister lied through his milk teeth by suggesting he would “be delighted” if his son wanted to fight in Iraq. Having spent much time and effort ensuring son Euan was out the country for the duration of the Iraq war, first as an intern working for Washington politicians, and later tucked away at Yale University where he’d just happened to win a $100,000 scholarship (nothing to do with Daddy, of course) Tony Blair could happily wish his son in the midst of Iraqi insurgent bombing, knowing full well it was never going to happen.

In America, the toddlers charged with running things at the White House decided today would be a good time to announce the capture of Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi.


Dare you ask? This guy is, according to the kiddies in the State department, “……one of Osama Bin Laden’s “top global deputies”, personally chosen by the al-Qaeda leader to monitor operations in Iraq.”

Perhaps that’s why his name is Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi?

As an aside, it was also mentioned – in passing – that Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was actually captured late last year. How late? November? December? At best, five months ago! No mention at the time, of course, that such an extremely high-ranking al-Qaeda operative had been caught. He’s been held until now in one of those secret CIA prison places that don’t exist, and only yesterday was suddenly moved, with much associated publicity, to the “George W Bush Guest House for Middle Eastern Gentlemen”, known colloquially as Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Of course, its not the least bit childish that our Middle Eastern friend was suddenly hauled into the limelight just a day after the much publicized furore between the American president and Congress over troop funding and their envisaged withdrawal from Iraq.

To even suggest a connection would surely be childish and immature –

– wouldn’t it?

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6 Replies to “Time To Change Their Diapers?”

  1. I am disappointed in your insinuation that Indians are thankless people who didn’t seem to consider Richard Gere’s philanthropy in India before they issued an arrest warrant for him. We Indians still like Mr Gere. In fact no more than a few dozen people at a time took to the streets burning Mr Gere’s effigies and in only four different towns. I am sure you know that India is a country of about a billion people with hundreds of such towns.

    The judge who issued this warrant works out of a court in small town India and not out of ‘ New Delhi ‘. This is not the first time a Public Interest Litigation ( PIL ) application in India has been abused. In a similarly ridiculous attempt, a lawyer had sued a famous cricketer for eating beef! I can assure you no one in India has or will ever go to jail for either eating beef or for kissing someone. This is what Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General of India had to say about Gere’s warrant – “The order is ridiculous. Even if this hugging and kissing was a bit vulgar, it does not amount to obscenity.”

    “They are just seeking publicity,” he said.

    Another senior lawyer called the order “an act of judicial indecency.”

    “This is only for cheap publicity and the magistrate and lawyer should be restrained,” Dushyant Dave told the Times of India newspaper.

    The legal community has in fact slammed this warrant.

    I am saddened that the American media is sensationalizing this incident by using headlines screaming – ” The Kiss that Shocked India ” or ” Protests Rock India “. Why should the great majority of Indians be made to look retrograde for the actions of a few rascals?

    By the way have you checked out the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar from last year? It’s India’s answer to the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition; only the Indian models are less modestly clothed!



  2. It is not unusual for the Ivy crowd to suck up to the high and mighty or to those who can bring them an edge. It is odd that Blair’s son was given a free ride. Is he that poor?

    As to an ‘edge’ I’ve always been struck by the number of athletes from prestigious prep schools that are admitted to Ivy schools.

  3. Yes, the Red Army liberated those ungreatful Estonians from the nazi slavery. Too bad, that they forgot to go back home after having been done that. However, this is the reality for a small country that has the bad luck of living with a giant as a neighbour.

  4. Forget Gere. He’ll just never travel in India again (though I suspect that this oportunistic charge will be quietly withdrawn), but more to the point Ms. Shetty (the target of the smooching) is facing 5 years in jail as well, and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

  5. I always wonder why the what makes the news. In many cases, it is propaganda or publicity stunts or just plain distractions. The news is generally useless in my mind.

  6. WeRNotThisStupid – welcome to Sparrow Chat. You have no reason to feel disappointed, as I was not criticizing Indians generally, merely those individuals who made up the “infantile judiciary” responsible for the arrest warrant. Indeed, the piece was aimed at petty, childish, egotistical politicians and officials generally. A product of every nation, I’m afraid, not just India. Incidentally, “January 2007” is my favorite.

    Al – what’s so odd is that the Blair’s are definitely not that poor. A reward from the White House, perhaps, for favors from Daddy? Or, am I just an old cynic?

    Pekka – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Reality, indeed. Bullies, it seems, are everywhere.

    Kvatch – welcome to Sparrow Chat. I could be wrong, but I sneakily feel your concern for Ms Shetty is because she’s much better looking than Gere. At least, from where I’m standing.

    PM – ah, PM, do away with the news. Would we all be happier? I believe we just might.

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