Should He, Or Shouldn’t He?

Controversy is presently raging over Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, and whether he should risk his royal neck fighting in Iraq. Harry recently completed his military training, and as a Troop Commander in the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals regiment, is preparing to take charge of a squad consisting of eleven men and four light tanks.

While official concerns for Harry’s safety in Iraq stem from a resurgence in violence around Basra, certain anonymous whispers late one evening from the Palace of Westminster Club, suggested overly-zealous, trigger-happy Yanks might prove just as fatal to the English royal prince as they were to one of their own football stars.

“And that,” one elderly Earl was heard to mutter behind his whisky glass, “could prove bloody embarrassing, eh, what?”

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6 Replies to “Should He, Or Shouldn’t He?”

  1. I never could understand any country having “royals” and using taxes to support useless, inbred idiots in a opulent lifestyle. Oh, yeah, we have Congress – sorry.

  2. Prince Harry – now they are showing him as a caring individual with his charity work. Quite a change from the Nazi uniform costume and military camouflage costume, eh?

  3. Flimsy – ah, but the peasants need someone with good breeding to look up to; aspire to. Who else but our totally perfect royal family, and your utterly scrupulous Congress?

    PM – mere childish nonsense. The boy has now accepted his regal responsibilities and is slavering at the mouth to slaughter a few of those jolly old miscreant colonial Iraqi wallahs, what? Show the dusky natives who’s boss, what?

    (The sad part is, there’s plenty of “upper-crust” English aristocrats still steeped in that mentality!)

  4. Why isn’t it enough for Harry to parade in his glorious uniform around, say, Buckingham Palace? Why should his dream of being a warrior lead to this stupid idea, that he would make any difference in Iraq or that he is needed there? His bony butt would be on the hit list of every male under hundred years old who, for what ever reason, doesn’t like either Brits or Yanks. There are a few of those kinds in the neighbourhood, aren’t there?

  5. Pekka – I believe there are one or two in the neighbourhood who, for vague and twisted reasons, have a grudge against the Brits and Yanks. Can’t think why!

    Kvatch – it could be argued there is a difference. The Falklands War was a confrontation between two opposing national armies. As such, it was a ‘regular’ war. Iraq is not really a war at all, more civil unrest on a huge scale. Harry would be a most valuable kidnap prize to al Qaeda, and his presence in the military there is just not worth that risk.

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