Time For Bed, If Only To Relieve The Depression

It makes for a depressing evening to hear that yet again, in fact, for the fourth time this week, a shooting has taken place at a US educational establishment. In this instance, five seven have died and a number injured when a youth armed with a shotgun and pistol entered a lecture hall of the Northern Illinois University outside Chicago and opened fire on the occupants.

How much longer will Americans allow this to go on?

About three years ago Sparrow Chat began a series of posts entitled, “Guns Save Lives – No ?” It began at ‘No 1’, but rapidly increased until the number became too ludicrous, and the incidents too numerous, to continue cataloging.

The title for these posts was chosen because it was the motto of, perhaps, the most irresponsible, cold-blooded, institution in the United States today – the National Rifle Association – whose members oppose any form of gun control, backed by a powerful political lobby in Washington.

The continuing deaths and injuries of America’s young people are directly attributable to this body, and its warped and dangerous mindset.

Following on from such tragic news, was a BBC America interview with George W Bush. It was my intention to comment on the event at some length, but listening to the somnambulant mind of America’s president regurgitating the ‘same old, same old’ on Iraq, Africa, China’s human rights, and a historical legacy that will certainly label Bush, at least in his own mind, as the savior of mankind, all became too much for comment.

His reference to ‘the Dalai Llama’s crowd’, while discussing opposition to human rights violations by China, was only equaled by the comment that Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and renditions should send a signal to the world that “America is going to respect law, but is going to take actions necessary to defend itself.”

That George Bush is totally out of his depth became crystal clear when he stated he was:

“….the first president to propose a two-state solution on Israel and Palestine…”

Note: the Clinton Peace Plan of 2000 stated:

“The solution will have to be consistent with the two-state approach – the state of Palestine as the homeland of the Palestinian people and the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.” [my bold][1]

Obviously, the efforts of his predecessors have slipped George Bush’s mind.

Listening to George W Bush waffle over Matt Frei’s questions, brought two separate images to the fore. First, I was reminded of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, a man who believes he can talk down criticism of his policies, even though they are totally at odds with the majority of his countrymen. Second, Bush reminded me of a sloppy painter and decorator whitewashing a wall, but oblivious to the large areas that his less than expert handiwork left uncovered.

To critique George Bush is akin to dissecting the political opinions of a not-too-bright eighth-grader with little hope of achieving the standards necessary for further education.

While I may not enjoy the highest intellectual ability for political affairs, assessing the utterances of a dim-wit schoolboy is certainly beneath me.

If that is considered exaggeration, judge for yourself:[2]

[1] The Clinton Peace Plan, 23 December 2000.

[2] BBC – Bush Interview

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4 Replies to “Time For Bed, If Only To Relieve The Depression”

  1. I would be in favor of guns if there was a chance that ownership would be a deterrent to the neo-nazis that seems to be in our future. Unfortunately all the gun owners I know are the ones that would be most likely to want to shoot me and other liberals.

    Everytime something like this happens, they quickly go check the medical records. Maybe they should be researching why our mental health problems are rising so dramatically or is it just good promo by the drug companies. Anyone who thinks violence is the answer is mentally unstable – duh! Oh yeah, unless it is the military answer to diplomatic problems.

  2. I can’t bear to watch it, RJA. I think you flatter him by allocating an eighth-grade equivalency to him. My granddaughter, who is an eighth grader exhibits more of a grasp of the world stage (Africa, AIDS, global warming, human cost of war in Iraq, etc.) and a language fluency far greater than this murderous, moronic, little gob-shite.
    And yes, isn’t it awesome how he reigns so hugely in his own mind? Yes, history will justify his actions, he will be praised in every country as he glares down at us lessers from the throne of his Rapture.

  3. GWB will soon be out of our hair for good, it’s a pity we can’t say the same about the NRA. The Wild West is with us still, and not only in the West.

    Loved the two videos of Dave Allen, RJ – they lifted my depression – thanks!

  4. Flimsy – when a society uses violence as the mainstay of its culture, it will breed violence. Fear is the reason for guns, not freedom.

    WWW – his recent visit to Africa was noticeable for its absence of nations in turmoil. Only the ‘success stories’ were visited and much made of Bush’s so-called aid policies. The trip has less to do with achievement and more to do with Bush’s legacy. How much effort does it take to spend tax payers dollars?

    Twilight – I guessed you’d enjoy Dave Allen.

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