The Souring Of Democracy

In a recent interview with the BBC’s Matt Frei,[1] George W Bush was asked ‘….. whether America still occupies the moral high ground after Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.’

Bush’s response, according to the BBC, was ‘a crisply and blunt answer’:

“Absolutely,” he replied. “We believe in human rights and human dignity. We believe in the human condition. We believe in freedom.”

Obviously, he has no notion that he is the one western political leader in two centuries who has come closer than any other to giving ‘democracy’ a bad name.

[1] BBC – “Bush defends US record on Darfur”

See the full interview tonight (Thursday) on BBC America – 1900 ET

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4 Replies to “The Souring Of Democracy”

  1. He also believes in the rapture. What one believes doesn’t mean too much when one’s actions are how one is judged. (My sister in law always says “one”. She is kind of simple minded but sounds smarter when she says “one”.)

  2. WWW – I had only viewed a portion of the interview when I wrote that short piece. After seeing it all, I was so disgusted I wrote the article following on from this one. His arguments are so contradictory, and factually incorrect, it is impossible to feel anything other than disdain for a man who took on the highest position and turned it into a circus.

  3. Flimsy – oooops, we Brits also use ‘one’ frequently. Mind, we’re probably as simple-minded as your sister-in-law, and anyway, we like to sound smart, even when we’re not. Believing in the Rapture is perfectly okay, and in no way belies one’s intelligence and ability to conduct world affairs. (Now I know I’m being simple-minded!)

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