This Body’s On Vacation

Sometimes officialdom can be just too official. For the last few weeks police and rescuers have been combing a local wooded area searching for a missing 18 year-old youth last seen alive while camping with some friends. There’s no suggestion of foul play, but a river heavily swollen from months of rains, flows through the site, so its assumed the poor lad drowned.

Finally, yesterday, they discovered a body in the river.

Interviewed this morning on a local news channel, the sheriff stiffly refused to announce the corpse’s identity on air, saying only that it was a male around 18 – 20 years old.

Beyond doubt, it was the person they were searching for, but officialdom stubbornly insisted nothing could be confirmed “until after the autopsy.”

Meanwhile, we’re winging our way across the pond to visit the relatives, then on for a couple of weeks of leisurely boating, followed by a swift visit to Will Shakespeare country (to keep my dear American wife happy) before jetting home again around June 18th.

Until then, good readers, browse the archives or visit some of those excellent blogs in Sparrow Chat’s “Blog Nest”, in the sidebar.

Following my recent health scare, ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’ insists our vacation be totally computer-free. I must walk, sail, breathe the good English air, and stay well away from anything more technical than an electric shaver.

With fiendish cunning, I’ve persuaded her the laptop is vital for storing our holiday photographs, so she’s relented. I may find a wi-fi hotspot, possibly even manage a swift blog or two.

Broadband is scarce where we’re going, though, so if you hear nothing of me for a while, don’t necessarily assume I’m dead.

At least, “not until after the autopsy.”

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4 Replies to “This Body’s On Vacation”

  1. Copspeak always makes me laugh as do most dumb people who try to use big words. Have a great time – We (I am not friendless, I have a dog) will miss you.

  2. Oh I’ll miss you, RJA, but have a wonderful, wonderful time. I must say I had a chuckle over the laptop and the thought of you finding some wi-fi terrority in which to secretly tell us of your escapades…
    Enjoy the boating particularly.

  3. I envy your trip, RJ – have a good one and stay off the laptop like Mrs RJ tell you to do! Be a good lad, and have a good time.

    We’ll miss you but it’s good to think of you in Blighty enjoying life to the full.

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