Attempted Arrest Of Bush Neo-Con John Bolton

Earlier today, at the Hay festival in Britain, journalist and environmental campaigner George Monbiot made an unsuccessful attempt to arrest the ex-Bush administration official, John Bolton, who was speaking at the event.[1]

Monbiot is a terrific journalist and thorough researcher. His work is often linked by Sparrow Chat. On his website, he explains the reason why he chose to attempt a citizen’s arrest of John Bolton for war crimes.

The link is available HERE.

I’m sure George was aware beforehand he had no chance of circumventing the tight security around Bolton. The episode was obviously a publicity stunt to keep those responsible for the Iraq carnage in the public eye. How sad, though, that a common journalist has to take such action, when the great and powerful who control our nations sit with their fat, gold-infested, fingers jammed under their ample buttocks, and do nothing.

When is the international ass-crawling to this warped and twisted administration finally going to stop?

[1] “Bolton dodges attempted ‘war crimes’ arrest”, Guardian, May 29th 2008

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  1. I see them all in a chorus line, RJA, thumbing their noses at the sheeple. And you’ve just enlightened us as to where those thumbs have been. 😉

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