The Pope’s Christmas Message

If there’s one thing you can rely on from the Pope, it’s to spread the message of Christmas throughout the world at this time of year. Of all the clerics, surely this so-called ‘shepherd of his flock’ is the worst Christian ever to don a holy robe?

In a speech to senior Vatican staff yesterday, Benedict XVI stated his belief that homosexual and transsexual behavior could lead to the self destruction of the human race, and saving humanity from such action was, he stated, “as important as saving the rain forests.” [1]

Frankly, most sane human beings would consider the escalation of nuclear armaments, the proliferation of wars, rapidly increasing areas of famine throughout the world, vastly shifting power-ratios between rich and poor, the ravishing of the world’s economy, and the ever-increasing threat from religiously-inspired terrorism, to be somewhat more likely reasons for the destruction of humanity than a couple of gays making out in downtown San Francisco.

The pope, it appears, is an exception to the rule. That’s fine. After all he’s entitled to his opinion. As the leader and appointed soothsayer to God knows how many of the faithful, however, his narrow-minded beliefs are almost as dangerous as any one of the threats listed above.

After all, there are millions of people worldwide quite happy to accept his mutterings as gospel, if for no better reason than it saves them the problem of cranking up their brains and thinking for themselves.

As an aside during the same address, Popey mentioned the Catholic church’s World Youth Day held in Sydney, Australia, earlier this year. He expressed concern that it was depicted as a spectacle – a, “variant of modern youth culture, as a kind of ecclesiastical rock festival with the Pope as the star.” This was wrong, he said, it should be viewed as the fruition of a “long exterior and interior path.”

Sorry, Popey, it was an ecclesiastical rock festival with you as the star. It was depicted as such because that’s exactly what it was. Believe me, I’ve been to a few rock festivals in my time and the only exception with yours, was that you’re bloody useless on guitar.

Personally, I’d have preferred Elton John – but, oh no, in your eyes he’s more dangerous to the human race than global warming, nuclear annihilation, and mass starvation all rolled into one.

It’d be fun to be around to see the faces of these religious idiots when they finally discover, once and for all, that “Heaven” doesn’t exist.

Frankly, if the rest of the human race continue to soak up their pathetic utterances as sacrosanct, that time may not be long away.

[1] “Pope attacks blurring of gender” BBC, December 23rd 2008

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5 Replies to “The Pope’s Christmas Message”

  1. Ah – but surely the point is that if you rant against the behaviour of one man to another (or woman…); something you can do nothing about, then it absolves you of trying to do something about the appalling poverty, man’s injustice to man, and the evil done in the name of your religion…

  2. That Pope is a disgrace – but then most of ’em have been the same. Only one comes to mind, from my lifetime, as being half-way decent – I think it was one of the Johns, back in the ’70s (?) – seemed like a sweet guy.

    Seasonal greetings to you and yours RJ. Don’t let the state of the world get to you,
    do what many of we ex-pats will probably be doing – “lie back and think of England” 😉

  3. It goes to show again how small minded and shallow these religion monkeys are.
    There is nothing better to wish for in the festive season and for the new year than elimination of homosexuality? Geezus!

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