Sparrow Chat’s Christmas Message

It’s Christmas time once again. It’s that period of the year when all the idiots and warmongers get together to fight about whether it’s politically correct to call it “Christmas”, or “Holidays”, or “Holy Hannukah”, or maybe just invent a completely new name that won’t satisfy anyone?

These arguments have nothing to do with Christmas, of course. It’s more about religious, or atheistic, hooligans allowing free reign to their egos. They love anything and everything that creates contention in the world, which is somewhat ironic when you consider they all plead a belief in the message of Christmas, if not the name.

Remember? It’s all about peace and goodwill towards men.

When I was a small boy I grew out of believing in a “Son of God” almost as quickly as I realized my dad was masquerading as Santa Claus. It didn’t diminish the magic one iota, though. For me, the magic of Christmas was its ability to transform people. I relished the tales of World War One soldiers leaving their trenches on Christmas Day, shaking hands with the enemy, and even playing soccer with them in No Man’s Land. The next day they’d be doing their utmost to kill each other, but for this one day of the year they became friends and shared a bit of love.

Now THAT’S Christmas magic.

Christmas transformations weren’t confined to the battlefield, either. Times were hard for most in Britain just after the end of the second world war, but everyone was happy around Christmastime, there was truly an aura of peace and goodwill on the streets. Strangers exchanged greetings, and a sense of camaraderie pervaded the land.

We didn’t hear much about the US in those days, but if Hollywood exported any accurate sense of America in the 1950’s, then there’s every reason to believe it was a similar situation over here.

The magic of Christmas isn’t reliant on Santa Claus or Jesus Christ being what we were once told they were. The spiritual messages of both are similar. Santa ensured that every child in the world had a toy on Christmas Day, and Jesus set out to teach us how to live together in harmony, peace, and goodwill.

In a sense, both failed. Millions of children get nothing but empty bellies and misery on Christmas Day, and the human race is further than ever from even an inkling of peaceful coexistence.

Can we blame Santa or Jesus for that? No, of course not. We only have ourselves to blame, because it’s not about Godly intervention, or magical reindeer rides, it’s about us – you and me.

Yes, YOU – Christian! And YOU – Jew! And YOU – Muslim! And YOU – atheist!

Since time immemorial we’ve all been side-stepping our responsibilities and blaming the other person for the problems in this world. We’ve all argued and bickered to achieve what we want, to the detriment of the other man, or woman.

There is no peace, or goodwill, or harmony at Christmas anymore. We don’t have time for such things. We’re much to busy slagging off the Jew, or Christian, or Muslim, or atheist, while pretending we’re all terribly politically correct by arguing that we should call it something other than Christmas.

I’m neither a Christian, nor a Jew, nor a Muslim, nor an atheist. I’m just a man who’s sick of war, sick of the stupid bickering that makes a mockery of the Christmas message, and sick of my fellow men and women convincing themselves they have a god-given right to slaughter their fellows without compunction.

The Christmas message from Sparrow Chat this year goes out to all you Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, or whatever you care to label yourselves, and whether you are black, white, pink, yellow, puce, or green with blue spots:

May you allow the True Spirit of Christmas, with its accompanying peace, harmony, and goodwill to ALL men, to descend on you and remain with you, not just for the short holiday period, but always and forever.

You don’t need religion to achieve this. The Spirit of Christmas doesn’t descend from Heaven, it’s in your heart. All you have to do is let it out, and stop believing you’re the bee’s knees and everyone else is shit.

If you really do, there’s just a chance you may change the world.

Or, you might end up crucified.


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4 Replies to “Sparrow Chat’s Christmas Message”

  1. “All you have to do is let it out, and stop believing you’re the bee’s knees and everyone else is shit.”

    No truer words.

    Have a peaceful holiday and hope that 2009 is a little better than this year

  2. Merry christmas RJ. Afraid I’m a bit short on goodwill towards most just now but what I do have I send your way ;).

  3. RJ, I couldn’t have said it better myself, and you have been a messenger to my own feelings about it all, having been born in Turkey and lived in Canada, Ireland and Australia I am so sick of all the bickering and war mongering in the name of God.
    I do wish you and your loved ones a wonderful new year, may 2009 bring you all your heart desires.
    I am glad I have clicked on your name above a comment you wrote on WWW’s blog.
    Looking forward to more of your posts in 2009 – not that I wish for more reasons for you to write posts on terrible things happening, but you know what I mean.

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