The Late Boris Berezovsky – May He Rot In Hell!

The Godfather of the Kremlin is dead[1]. I first wrote about Boris Berezovsky in July 2007. He’d been making headlines in Britain and I’d recently finished reading Paul Klebnikov’s book, exposing this Russian gangster-oligarch for the monster he was.

The book, “Godfather of the Kremlin” cost Krebnikov his life. Four years after it was published he was shot nine times as he left his Moscow apartment. A contract killing, almost certainly on the orders of Berezovsky, though it was never proved.

Paul Klebnikov

According to official reports, Berezovsky hanged himself. It’s unlikely. His fortunes had certainly taken a turn for the worse but this Israeli/Russian oligarch was not the type to take his own life – unless, of course, he was left with no option.

Assassination attempts had been tried previously, and failed. It’s possible this one didn’t.

Whatever – he’s dead. We can all be thankful for that.

[1] “Boris Berezovsky died by hanging, police say” BBC, March 25th 2013

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2 Replies to “The Late Boris Berezovsky – May He Rot In Hell!”

  1. I heard a lot about this monster. Greedy, evil, cunning. I guess they find their hell too after taking their last breath. What a tragedy, that after death people rejoice. Speaks volumes of these parasites. But as one dieth, another one creepeth along. Sometimes i think there is no hope for the physical world, because these vermin are always ahead, by means of evil. ….. May Hell receive his soul now…..

  2. Yuriy – yes, we’re well rid of him. I could wish Berezovski an eternity of torment, so on this occasion I regret not sharing your belief in such metaphysical realms.

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