Happy Easter!

Is there anyone else out there having problems with this Pistorius guy? Six weeks ago he shot and killed his girlfriend. Apparently, she was the love of his life. He broke down and wept in court. We were all told he was bereft.

Now, he says he may well compete in Russia, at the World Athletics Championships, in August.[1]

It would seem the only love of Oscar Pistorius’s life is Oscar Pistorius. While it’s true we have to move on when adversity and tragedy afflict us, to consider such action after only six weeks, and while a murder charge is hanging over one’s head, smacks of cold-blooded, callous, indifference.

Meanwhile, in Cyprus, the banks have decided to open their doors once more after holding onto their customers’ money for almost two weeks. European finance ministers, led by Germany, apparently saw nothing wrong in demanding a substantial percentage of the money in the bank accounts of ordinary Cypriot citizens, as security for a Euro loan to the Cypriot government.[2]

Let’s not bandy words. It’s stealing. Anyone else taking money from other people’s bank accounts without permission would be sent to jail for a long time. The money doesn’t belong to the Cypriot government. It belongs to ordinary citizens. They’re not responsible for the collapse of the Cypriot economy.

Is this the thin end of the financial wedge? If they get away with it in the tiny island of Cyprus (and it looks like they will), how long before they come for your money, or mine?

But that’s okay because Easter’s here and it’s a time for forgiveness, repentance, and washing other people’s feet. Our new Pope is no exception.

Today, in the best biblical tradition, he visited a prison in Rome where he washed and kissed the feet of twelve prisoners, representing the twelve apostles of Jesus.[3]

This, again in the best biblical tradition, has caused discord among certain of the Catholic faithful, as four of the feet belonged to women – one of whom was a Serbian Muslim. We know the twelve apostles were all males. And, definitely, Christian.

And, well, yes…of course, it goes without saying, obviously they were all Catholic.

As a footnote (excuse the pun!) his predecessor, Popey Ratzinger, didn’t lower himself to wash the feet of the peasants. He delegated other priests to do it for him.

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  1. Skipped the Pistorious bit – don’t know the story.

    But ol’Popey reminds me of Uriah Heep “ever so ‘umble” he is! 😉

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