The Hard, Hard, Road Of Socialism

From my old blogging pal, TOB, in Liverpool, England, comes two fine examples of the suffering imposed by socialist governments on the people of that country.

Reading the two links below will assure those of us living in nations with private healthcare systems, and stolid right-wing governments, (not mentioning any in particular) that we are getting the best service in the world.

After all, who between the age of 40 to 74 needs free health checks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease?[1] Isn’t that just a waste of taxpayer’s money?

And how ludicrous to force on everyone over the age of 60, a pass to travel by bus anywhere in the country, absolutely free of charge?[2]

Ha, next they’ll be handing out free medical prescriptions to senior citizens!

What? Oh, they do that already?

My God, if certain nations made those kinds of foolish commitments to their populace, they’d not be able to afford the truly important things – like tax cuts for the stinking rich, bail-outs to overly-greedy finance houses, and preemptive wars.

God Bless Right-Wing Capitalism!

[1] “Health screening for the over-40s”, BBC, April 1st, 2008.

[2] “Around England on a free bus pass”, BBC, April 1st, 2008.

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4 Replies to “The Hard, Hard, Road Of Socialism”

  1. It takes real men and women to go bankrupt from medical bills, RJA. And then take a job cleaning Denny’s toilets to pay the rent. At 75.
    It takes real men and women to do without needed surgery and medication. And die. So as not to be a nuisance.
    Canada and the UK and other countries of their ilk are full of jelly-kneed weaklings demanding free health care and prescriptions. Pinkos.
    We honour our capitalistic freedoms.
    Land of the brave. You have to be.

  2. Hey guys, since devolution those damned extremist, fundy commies of Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now even “more evil” than we English, latte drinking, sandal wearing, secular, elitest pinkos.

    See for yourselves the shocking, undeniable, proof positive of the UK’s plot to … er, … um, … well, … definitely something underhand … and undemocratic and goddamned un-Christian-like.

    And btw, R.J. thanks a million. You’re obviously keeping our optical, chiropody and dental “state secrets” so as to avoid an American invasion and occupation over here? You know, in order to give us our freedom.

  3. As I’m reading your blog Michael Buble is singing “I want to go home” on BBC’s Wake Up To Wogan (on-line). And I’m homesick for the caring socialism I loved. 🙁

    It makes me so MAD that socialism here is a dirty word. GRRRR!

  4. WWW – I left Britain to get away from all that socialism. It made me feel inadequate, all the free healthcare, unemployment benefits, free-this, free-that, and all on roughly the same amount of tax as Americans pay. No, give me a country where you really have to fight tooth and nail for your rights – and still don’t get ’em!

    TOB – remember the “Life of Brian”? “Yew lucky bastard! Yew lucky, lucky, bastard! Wha’ wunn’a give for a free bus pass……”

    Seriously, we do have to keep quiet about some of those little perks you get over there. Don’t want to upset the Americans. They still think this is the best country in the world. If they only knew….. (and, whisper has it, it’s even better in France!)

    Twilight – dear old Wogan! He first introduced me to the angelic voice of Eva Cassidy, some years ago. I’ll always be grateful to him for that. I used to listen a lot online, when I first came over here; Wogan, and Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Now, it’s a rarity. I guess I’m becoming “American”. Perish the thought! I’ll just go wash my mouth out with soap!

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