The Forty-Eight Contiguous States Of – Israel?

News today that the Israelis have been rehearsing an attack on Iran raises serious questions.[1] Until recently, the US/Israel alliance could be considered merely that – an alliance of nations with vested interests in the region. The news that Israel carried out maneuvers in early June, obviously in anticipation of a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, begs the question of who is in control? Is America the strong arm of this relationship, or is – as seems more likely – Israel in the driving seat when it comes to controlling action in the Middle East?

While America finances much of the Israeli military, it seems she has little say in how those weapons are used. An Israeli government spokesman said today that his country would not tolerate Iran possessing nuclear weapons and would take all necessary steps to prevent them from doing so.

The concept of preventing others from obtaining what you already have is common throughout the world. America has long dictated the nuclear question and spends obscene amounts to ensure its nuclear arsenal is superior to any other on the planet. It’s bully-boy tactics with Iran of late are a perfect example.

Israel, on the other hand, fails to flaunt its nuclear prowess, perhaps due to its flagrant contravention of UN agreements, but nevertheless is still in the “do as we say, not as we do” category of world bullies.

It all leaves one wondering if Israel is a satellite state of America, or whether the US is really being controlled from the Knesset?

[1] ” Israelis ‘rehearse Iran attack'”, BBC, June 20th 2008

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3 Replies to “The Forty-Eight Contiguous States Of – Israel?”

  1. Sadly, things have gotten to be so bad that it’s not really that important any more. The painful symptoms arethe same and the dire prognosis is the same.

    Our long term apathy is set to be the death of (many, many millions) us, in a multitude of (mainly self inflicted) ways – and for the vast majority there’ll be no (merciful) sudden demise.

    And yes, I know. It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going. Right? :^(

  2. There’s a third possibility isn’t there, RJ?

    What if Bush, Cheney et al are working up to an “October surprise” for us all, one that leads to cancelled General Election due to emergency caused by attack on Iran ?

    Welcome back, by the way, I’ve just been catching up on your posts. Glad you found Old England as lovely as ever. 🙂

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