Holy Un-Newsworthy

I finally decided Brian Williams had to go. NBC Nightly has evolved into a collection of old Tim Russert memorabilia, followed by an infusion of weirdos doing strange things while occupying NBC’s regular nightly segment, “Making a Difference’. Quite how, and for whom, any difference is being made always remains open to the viewers’ speculation.

We’ve switched to Katie Couric and CBS.

The twenty-four hour cable news channels have been out of bounds to my brain for longer than I care to remember. Lou Dobb’s attempt to sever Mexico from the American continent and float it out into the Pacific Ocean, along with eleven million immigrants in life rafts, was probably what blew my last fully-functioning neuron.

I can only tune to sanity these days, but it’s so difficult to find. BBC World News was a reliable standby, until they moved it lock, stock, and barrel to Washington. Now the whole show is financed at Republican Party expense and Matt Frei, once a decent, balanced reporter, has converted to GOP lackey. They recently flew a BBC man all the way to Vietnam, so he could seek out John McCain’s old prison camp commandant and persuade him to say that, if he were an American, he’d vote for McCain just because he was always a jolly nice chap. This, a few seconds after El Commandante denied anyone was ever tortured in his camp, thereby implying John McCain was a bloody liar.

You could almost hear the dongs changing hands.

CBS allotted half their thirty minutes to yet another nationwide poll on American belief in god.[1] I use the small ‘g’ because it appears many US citizens are now ready to accept almost anyone’s god as legitimate, and suitable as a leg-up into eternity Eternity.

(Sorry, there’s still only one of those, apparently.)

This suggests an amazing step forward in US religious belief. It means a god no longer needs to be swarthy, muscular, dressed in a five-star general’s uniform with wrap-around shades and swinging an AK47, to be accepted as a suitable candidate for American family worship.

And to think we were all concerned a black man or white female might not be sufficiently ‘American’ to gain the White House.

That Americans have highly differing views of their gods is highlighted by one particular statistic: 92% believe in a god, but only 74% believe in life after death. This begs the question: why do 18% bother?

Perhaps it’s a question that could be put to the three hundred and three Anglican bishops presently ensconced on a hill in Jerusalem protesting at Archbish of Canterbury Rowan Williams, his theological views in general, and his support of gay bishops, in particular.[2]

When churches split asunder over such issues it has nothing to do with religion, even less association with spirituality, and simply defines the mean-mindedness and petty arrogance of the individuals themselves.

Personally, I’ve no great faith that Jesus of Nazareth was more than a gentle voice crying in a chill gale, but from what he had to say I’m utterly certain how he’d respond to three hundred and three blinkered idiots sat on their butts in the Holy Land decrying their fellow man.

However, it seems unlikely all their blather and prejudice is going to make a difference in the longterm.

Perhaps that’s a pity for them, if only because they’ll never, ever make it onto NBC Nightly News.

[1] “Americans: My Religion Isn’t The Only Way”, CBS News, June 23rd 2008

[2] “Bishops criticise Anglican leader”, BBC News, June 23rd 2008

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4 Replies to “Holy Un-Newsworthy”

  1. I agree with you – TV news in the USA is little more than gossip, political spin and filtered snippets of anything which might be important, were we to be told the full tale.

    “CBS allotted half their thirty minutes to yet another nationwide poll on American belief in god.”

    WTF??? Why is that important? Who cares? There’d be more point in conducting a poll on what colour knickers Americans wear.
    Tsk tsk….;-)

  2. RJ, the 18% you mention might not believe in heaven, but i’m almost positively certain they must believe in hell.

    After all, they see it every day on the news, don’t they?

  3. Oh gawd, RJA, you had me laughing so hard I snorted my {herbal, late-night}tea all over the keyboard.
    I had just gotten over Il Papa’s latest dictum on purity which slew me in the pew, and you finished me off with a roll into the aisle.
    I love the obsession of these Squawking Heads, along with Joey and his purity rant, and nobody, but nobody (well maybe tough old Bill Moyers) addresses anything of even the remotest importance.
    I really thank the Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper for the ‘tubes and da blogs.

  4. Twilight – 90%, the religious purists, wear white; 5% wear red, so they can flash them in case of terrorist attack, and the remaining 5% don’t wear any – in case of terrorist attack.

    Anan – that’s no way to talk about NBC’s Campbell Brown.

    WWW – what on earth were you doing drinking late night tea in church, anyway?

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