The Dubious Virtues Of Infidelity, Egotism, And Cannibalism

The story fast capturing headlines this week is all about the infidelity of ex-terminator and ex-governor of California, and now, soon to be ex-husband of Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Questions over the breakup of Schwarzenegger and Shriver were answered when the ex-bodybuilder…

…announced to the world that a female member of the couple’s house staff had given birth to his love child a decade ago. Apparently, he forgot to mention this to his wife, until last week.

Now, the big question perplexing America’s media is just who is the mother?

Meanwhile, in New York’s Rikers Island prison, IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn is ruminating on his folly in believing every black hotel chambermaid in New York must find him irresistible.

It’s not the first time Strauss-Kahn has made that wrong assumption when in the presence of the fairer sex. Hearing of his arrest, 31-year-old French writer Tristane Banon…

…has now revealed a similar assault on her, back in 2002, when she interviewed Strauss-Kahn for a book she was writing.[1]

Stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sexual assaults on womankind have abounded on the internet for years. Back in 2003, the Daily News reported that, while filming ‘Twins’:

Assistant director Linnea Harwell told the Los Angeles Times that Schwarzenegger regularly displayed himself naked when she went to fetch him from his trailer and once pulled her onto a bed while he was wearing only underwear.

“He was laughing like it was all a big joke. Well, it wasn’t. It was scary,” she said.”

In another incident at the time:

Carla Baron, a stand-in for “Twins” female lead Kelly Preston, said Schwarzenegger and his own stand-in once crowded her from the front and back, suggesting “a Carla sandwich” as the Austrian star stuck his tongue in her mouth.”[2]

All of which leaves one wondering whether it wouldn’t be justice for Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn to be sharing a cell in Rikers Island prison together?

When men achieve a certain power-status in the world, they seem to reach a moment in their lives when they believe all women find them irresistible. It isn’t true, of course. The only person who finds them irresistible is themselves.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his big empty mansion, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn in his tiny barred cell, may now find they have the time to ruminate on that fact.

None of this media attention, on two fairly worthless male members of the human race, has deflected the US government this week from its primary aim of milking the killing of Osama bin Laden for much more than it could ever be worth.

Not content with killing their enemies, the 18th century Polynesian native people went one step further by cooking and eating them. Thus was the sad fate of Captain James Cook, among others…

It would seem that the US administration, unsatiated by the mere death of Osama bin Laden, is determined to metaphorically cook and eat him, by disparaging his existence in any demeaning manner they can conceivably conjure.

Having published video footage of a frail old man, wrapped in a blanket, watching home movies; made much of the ‘dong syrup’ in his medicine cabinet, and guffawed at the sensational ‘outing’ of the dyed beard, they’ve now slipped another slice of juicy ‘news’ to the waiting media – he owned a porn video.[3]

Needless to say, the US media has pounced on this like a starving dog scavenging a rotting mouse carcase. Within minutes, a plethora of tasteless jokes and double entendres was cascading forth onto the airwaves:

Is this, perhaps, one tasty bin Laden morsel too far?

Americans spend over thirty-three billion dollars every year on pornography. That forty-four dollars per head of the population, or, to put it another way, approximately two dirty videos each.[4]

Has the vilifying of Osama bin Laden’s dead body become just another case of American hypocrisy – the US pot calling the al Qaeda kettle, black?

Moralism in the US may still be preached from the pulpits, but in the political arena the behavior and actions acknowledged to accompany it are long dead and buried. Whether the act is one of sexual assault, fathering a love-child out of wedlock, or assassinating one’s enemies, there are precedents (and presidents) galore to justify them.

Former N.C. Senator John Edwards fathered a love-child with campaign worker Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying from cancer; South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond; US President Warren Harding; US President Grover Cleveland; Utah Senator Arthur Brown; Benjamin Franklin; Thomas Jefferson, and more recently, Jesse Jackson, have all sired children out of wedlock – to name just a few.[5]

For Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominique Strauss-Kahn there may well be yet more skeletons, duly emerging from various closets, to add to their not inconsiderable embarrassment.

But, who knows, maybe the US government can divert attention by announcing further revelations of Osama bin Laden: he bit his toe nails, waxed his pubic hair, or – oh, no! – could he possibly have been gay?

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