Anyone For Camping?

Harold Camping, the man who predicted the end of the world would occur today, got it wrong. It came as no surprise to most us, but as something of a shock to those who’d sold all their possessions and spent all their savings in anticipation of the grand event.

Is it right, though, that we should mock Mister Camping – or, for that matter, his followers?

Just because he’s one of a long line of misguided individuals, who have come to believe they have some unique affinity with the god of Abraham and his plans for the human race, does that give us the right to belittle him as a religious crank?

In true American ‘football game’ style, the “Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists” (whoever they may be) are holding a two-day party, in celebration of some apparent ‘victory’ over Harold Camping and his misplaced ideas.

From a BBC report:

“Though the absurdity of this claim is obvious to the majority of the world, it’s a great opportunity to highlight some of the most bizarre beliefs often put forth by religious fundamentalists and raise awareness of the need for reason,” said a posting about the party on the group’s website.[1]

Similar events are taking place in Washington, Texas, Florida, and California.

All of which leaves one wondering: if the atheists were all so sure Mister Camping was wrong, is there any need to party? Or, are the celebrations merely an exhibition of relief that he wasn’t right, after all?

[1] “‘Rapture’ apocalypse prediction sparks atheist reaction” BBC, May 21st 2011

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  1. I imagine a fair whack of those savings went into Mr. Camping’s pockets to appease the Great Woo.
    All very sad. And as I say: The Stupidz. They hurt.

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