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The Dogs Of War Are Fickle And People Forget

Israel v Hamas/Iran, Ukraine v Russia/Iran – The Dogs Of War Snarl And The People Demonstrate Against Them. (Feb 26th 2022)

One war in our faces, the other one forgotten. Have you wondered recently why major nations like the US and UK, have suddenly found the means to supply Israel with weaponry galore? Meanwhile, the now virtually forgotten “other” war in Europe, in which Ukraine and it’s people are innocent victims of intense Russian aggression, is being lost by Ukraine because promises of financial support from so-called allies have been broken.

Ukraine was a peaceful nation before February 2022. It had returned all its nuclear weaponry from the old USSR era It just wanted to be left alone. One evil dictator decided differently.

Initially, the NATO powers rallied round Ukraine in a great show of support. They would supply the money, the weaponry, the training, to beat the evil dictator, to drive him and his armies back into Russia whence they came.

One man in America put a stop to any further US involvement in that war. His name is Mike Johnson

…the Republican speaker for the House of Representatives. His reason why he has denied Ukraine the funding they need? Donald Trump, his master, told him to.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a forgotten war in America. No matter how outrageous his tactics, and how vicious and cold-blooded his methods, Netanyahu will always have America at his back.

The Guardian described Israel’s attack on an Iranian embassy in Syria this weekend as, “…Israel’s misjudgment..”.  It’s doubtful Netanyahu misjudged. He knew Iran would have to retaliate or lose face, and he knew Israel could contain that retaliation. It was surely a deliberate plan to help reinstate “poor Israel” in the eyes of the world.

It worked. A statement from the White House, following a thwarted Iranian retaliation, caused Biden to state:

“I’ve just spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu to reaffirm America’s ironclad commitment to the security of Israel.”

The attack on Israel by Hamas last October 7th cannot be forgiven. It was brutal, cold-blooded, and targeted, among others, young people just out for an evening of enjoyment. Netanyahu’s brutal and cold-blooded revenge was many times worse. Half of the 32,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza to date were women and children.

It is notoriously difficult to ascertain exact figures for deaths in Ukraine as their government calls it a “state secret.” Estimates vary widely. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights states that as of November 2023 at least 10,000 civilians had been killed and over 18,500 injured. Figures for military casualties are even harder to come by, though some estimates go as high as 70,000 killed.

Unless money and weaponry is found for Ukraine from somewhere , those figures are going to rise rapidly.

Perhaps the leading question in all this is when it will ever end.

If Donald Trump becomes the US President again in November, Ukraine in its present form is doomed. Trump has made his support for Putin very clear.  Mike Johnson is its caretaker until his boss returns to power. Trump’s move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018, during his last presidency,  showed the world his support for Netanyahu.

Planet Earth is a precarious place to reside right now.  It could become a lot more dangerous for us all after this coming November.

16th April 2024 Addendum:

On opening the Guardian this morning, it came as no surprise to read the headline: “‘Sympathy shifted to Israel’: many fear Iran attack has distracted aid effort”

Netanyahu is no fool!

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