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The British Planes Of Shame.


“UK passes law allowing deportation of asylum seekers in Rwanda
A moral bankruptcy into which other European countries are ready to sink – Le Liberation”

Last Wednesday’s front page of the French newspaper ‘Liberation’ pulled no punches in hitting out at British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his despicable UK government. Despite the British Supreme Court ruling last year that Rwanda was not a safe place to send migrants, Sunak has pressed ahead in a desperate attempt to placate the right-wing of his Party and save his own scalp. There are those in the Tory party who would happily throw him under the bus if local elections in May go badly for them.

No longer is politics about people. Or rather, the only people it’s about are the politicians themselves. There’s an old saying that people get what they deserve, and it’s certainly true of the British. Too arrogant to be part of the greater community of Europe, they were happy to blame the EU for the austerity that had been imposed on them by their own government for ten years. BREXIT was Boris Johnson’s “Make Britain Great Again,” moment, which he expected to lose.  He didn’t, and later paid the penalty when his own party threw him out for failing to make Brexit work.

Part of the arrogance of the British is the redundant propaganda of Empire. It still smarts to see those they once ruled moving in next door to them. One has only to watch and hear the enthusiasm of the British at the Last Night of the Proms as they roar out the nationalistic anthem, “Rule Britannia,” to realise the lure of Empire is alive and well.

Migration was a major reason for the British to vote for Brexit, but it wasn’t concern over the many poor souls who lost their lives crossing the English Channel.  No, it was more the fear that a Muslim family next door could cause their property value to plummet.

The Rwanda scheme further smears the reputation of a country that once prided itself on respect for the law and human rights. It is to be hoped that if the Labour Party form the next government later this year, that their promise to scrap the ill-advised Rwanda plan will be upheld.

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