The Dis-United States Of America

I first came upon what you are about to see on a blog I read regularly. The opening lines of the post read:

“This is the most heartbreaking video I have seen in a long, long time. I cried and cried.”

The lady who writes this blog isn’t prone to crying without very good reason, but even so, I doubted it would have a similar effect on me.

I was sadly wrong.

The situation described in this video did not come about in the last eight years. The blame for it goes back much further than that. Yet, George W Bush is at least as much to blame as all the presidents before him; all the senators and members of Congress who betrayed their own people so shamefully by allowing this situation to arise, and fester, and grow like a great, suppurating, carcinoma in the body of a once-proud nation.

This video makes no political statement, yet of itself it is a condemnation of all who lead, or have ever led this country – both Democrat and Republican alike.

Watch and remember – then, be sure to remember again this coming November, before you cast your vote for the next president of these dis-United States.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those Americans who just doesn’t care.

My thanks to “WiseWebWoman” for the link to this video.

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9 Replies to “The Dis-United States Of America”

  1. Thanks for giving this more exposure, RJA. It still affects me profoundly. I keep thinking of those in power with their bucket loads of insurance and endless health privileges, how can they possibly relate to the palpable pain of the uninsured citizenry?

  2. No one but Nader is calling for a single payer system. All the rest want to please the insurance industry by funneling the money through them. Insurance companies never fought medicare because they know old people actually need a lot of health care and a single payer would have a more realistic pool of patients. As it is now, insurance is just gambling with them dealing with a marked deck.

  3. I’ve been what I guess you could call “soul sick” over the last week and couldn’t even bear to read blogs much less post myself.

    I have so many mixed thoughts and emotions about the mess we are in. Looking at this video and from whence it comes (the not-so-great-state of Tennessee, I have a son living there so I know a bit about this) I can’t help but wonder how many of the people currently suffering so much hardship are the same people who have helped elect the leaders who have created this situation?

    It does break my heart that anyone is suffering this way but no, it did not make me cry because I grew up around many of the people that most of the people on this video did not care about. When they were on top with their steel mill jobs and their union benefits they (not any one person on the video in particular but this demographic group in general) neglected their responsibilites towards those who were not so fortunate. They did not want to pay for “universal health care” or support “living wages” for all bcause they worried they might not be able to buy that new pick up every other year or might have to give up a few restaurant dinners.

    What’s that saying about it’s all ok when they go after all the OTHER guys and go after your neighbor but when they go after you there’s no one left to protest?

  4. What puzzles me links to what NYM has said. How have the people of the USA allowed things to reach such a sorry state? It hasn’t happened over the last 7 years only – it must have been like this for a long, long time – always in fact.

    Why haven’t there been protests and questions long before now?

    Is it just that because the USA is such a young country and has yet to catch up with other first world countries in this respect?

    I’ve asked my American husband and he says that the situation got out of hand over the past 30 or 40 years.
    Healthcare was more affordable before that.
    Costs spiralled due to malpractice suits, then insurance companies got ever more greedy, parmaceutical companies likewise, and the population has “boiled into it”.

    Boiled into it seems to fit, aided and abetted by Republican dominance and opposition to any tentative plan to improve matters, if not from the presidency, then from Congress.

  5. I think that way too many years of too much “me,me,me,” and far too little of “we, we, we, ” is the prime cause of this (and many other current), problems facing the USA today.

  6. WOW, RJA!
    I just found this piece by Ronald Reagan calling Universal Health Care “Socialized Medicine” and a commie pinko plot against the American people. Is this where it all stems from?
    and don’t forget in those days there were jobs for all and employer-paid health care so the sheeple could be persuaded to shaft themselves.

  7. WWW – this was part of “Operation Coffeecup”, sponsored by the American Medical Association of the time, who were bitterly opposed to any attempt at universal healthcare. Today, it would be called a ‘Viral’ marketing campaign. Letters of instruction, and a copy of this stereophonic record, were sent out to all doctor’s wives telling them to organize coffee mornings with their friends and neighbors and persuade them to write to Congress opposing any such move. The whole campaign was kept very hush-hush, so Congress, on receiving all these letters, assumed it was the beginning of a groundswell of public discontent over the issue. Of course, it wasn’t. Reagan and his buddies deceived the American government rightly.

    Part of the instructions, enclosed with the record, said:

    “Make letter-writing easy. Provide guests with stationery, pens and stamped envelopes. Don’t accept an “I’ll do it tomorrow” reply–urge each woman to write her letters while she’s in your house–and in the mood! Advise your guests that letters should be short and to the point, objecting to the King bill (HR 4222) and giving reasons for opposing it. Each woman should write her own letter in her own words, not merely copy a stereotyped form. See that each woman addresses her own letters to her own congressmen on the spot. You can mail them all later. A list of congressmen, with instructions for addressing letters to them, is enclosed.”

    Many Republicans still laud Reagan’s success in this venture. The real crux was, of course, that the medical profession didn’t want to end up working for the government, but that seemed a bit self-centered so the whole distasteful ploy revolved around “socialized” medicine, leading to full socialism, and then – God forbid – Communism! The idea of doctors working solely for the government is rubbish. In Britain, as in most other welfare states, most have their own private practices, as well as working in the health service.

    One very ‘Red’ website HERE offers more insight on “Operation Coffeecup”.

    Flimsy – you’re quite right. No-one in the running for president, who has a cat-in-hell’s chance of winning, will initiate universal healthcare. Congress and the lobbyists will make sure of that.

    NYM – ‘I,I,I,’ is the common denominator of the whole human race. We are all, to some degree, guilty of such selfish reactions. Those who bitterly oppose universal healthcare don’t give a monkey’s toss about the poor and suffering with no insurance cover, just so long as their precious ‘principles’ and ‘freedoms’ aren’t eroded. But then, of course, they’re also happy being entertained by televised scenes of Iraqis blown up and slaughtered by their precious American troops, upholding their ‘principles’ and ‘freedoms’.

    Twilight – your husband is correct, I think. When health costs began spiraling, the powers that be used the cold war threat of communism to indoctrinate people against universal healthcare. Reagan’s little monologue is a prime example.

    TOB – yes, I’ve noticed US individuals are generally much more self-centered than the British (and I thought Brits were bad!). Yet, again in general, Americans are very caring and warm-hearted. I believe much of the ‘me,me,me’ philosophy stems from political indoctrination, based on fear, over many years.

  8. RJ, things are going from bad to worse. Witness what follows – which I’ve also just posted at Wise Web Woman’s place.

    While things like this are going on (and being allowed to, with actual blessings from some), things don’t look like getting any better.


    Kellogg Brown & Root, the nation’s top Iraq war contractor and until last year a subsidiary of Halliburton Corp., has avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Medicare and Social Security taxes by hiring workers through shell companies based in this tropical tax haven.

    Read the rest here.

  9. TOB – It’s no longer the big “C” of ‘Capitalism that is the backbone of this country, it has been replaced by the Big “C” of Corruption’. So endemic is this political and economic disease, it may prove the Big “C” of terminal ‘Cancer’ to this nation, if no-one steps in to stop it. It will take a brave and powerful man to do so.

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