It’s Up To Them Now

We have to face facts; we’re the has-beens. They label us the “baby boomers’ – a reference I find utterly insulting – and prepare to pension us off with as little retirement money as they can get away with. Considering we’ve all paid enormous amounts into the system for sixty-odd years, I find that equally disgusting.

George W Bush and his predecessors have been robbing the Social Security fund for years – “borrowing”, they call it. If any of us had done that we’d have been banged up, and the key chucked in the nearest river.

But then, they have different laws for ordinary people.

Frankly, I think our generation stinks. We’ve looted the planet, stolen from each other on an international scale, filled our lives with material pleasures, polluted the atmosphere, and sold ourselves off to a God far more important – even to the preachers, who should know better – than the one most of us purport to offer allegiance to.

We sold our souls to MONEY.

Judas Iscariot did that. He set us all a fine example. We followed it, unswervingly.

We were the products of our fathers returning from the battlefields; the first thing they did on arriving home. Some say the second thing they did was take off their boots, but knowing my mother she’d never have allowed dirty boots between the sheets, so I’m quite sure that wasn’t the case in our house.

Since that time we’ve managed to virtually destroy the planet.

Our generation got its kicks out of fast cars and cold wars. Television first introduced us to the entertainment value of violent conflict. It wasn’t exactly interactive, but unlike our fathers, we didn’t have to leave our living rooms to experience it.

We marveled at the God of Finance that took us to the moon, then raised the glorious specter of expanding military might into pristine space; the wonder of the nuclear age that gave us bountiful energy, Hiroshima, Chernobyl……and Hell, we’ll bury the waste for our kid’s kids to worry about.

Now, we’re the has-beens, the ‘baby-boomers’ about to break the social security bank. It’s just something else our kids will have to fix.

So, get on with it, you younger generation. If you pull together you may just succeed where we failed.

And, boy, did we fail – en masse!

Choose a leader from your own generation. Right now, there’s only one. Don’t go for Hillary Clinton, she’s a ‘baby-boomer’ too. For God’s sake forget John McCain, he’s old enough to be grandfather to all of you.

You know that old adage: ‘the older you get the wiser you get’? Take a look at us and realize how wrong it is.

You need young leaders, not old has-beens. Barack Obama is your only choice. He can lead you to glory. Maybe, just maybe, with your help he can save the world.

On the other hand, he may let you down. He may sell you down the river as swiftly as the ‘baby-boomer’ politicians did to us. He may fall in with the corporates and poison this planet till it’s as hot, foetid, and uninhabitable as Venus.

But, if he does fail you, if he sells you down the river, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

It’ll be the one thing you won’t be able to fault us for.

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9 Replies to “It’s Up To Them Now”

  1. A good percentage of people of every age are gullible and TV is the culprit that has seduced us. Consumerism is just as active in the youth as it is in us old people, in fact most ads are aimed at the kids – and that is all we as individuals are responsible for, and a polluted planet is plenty. We as people were never consulted about starting wars and our generation was the one that had young people who refused to go kill brown people and went to jail for it.

    Obama is a good cheerleader and Bush has worked hard to make the executive branch very powerful, so there is that slim chance that he might fix things, but the Dems rejected Kucinich and Edwards who actually preached progressive ideas and all Obama is promising is more of the same. Jimmy Carter (elected as a revolt to the Nixon years) was an honest person in a den of wolves and we saw how successful he was. If people throughout our history had voted for the best person for the job instead of always reacting to the prior President, we might not be at the end of our civilization and looking to the least of the worst. Idealistic college aged young people have always been the hope of the future, but then they get older and selfish too – it is the young professionals who are buying the huge mansions, the expensive cars, and stocks in oil companies. And yes, they resent that social security will impact them and we sometimes forget that it was the Democrats that moved that money from a separate account into the general fund.

  2. Having thought about this and the crisis now facing the U.S. Empire I think the whole problem of government (or Big Corp, if you will) run amok is that there are no brakes and measures in place as in a full partliamentary system.
    To place all youthful hope on a wet-behind-the-ears newbie is wishful thinking at its finest. And sad too.
    What are the choices again? Oh yes, complete revolution and restoration of that old doccument spurned by the Idiot Prince. The Constitution.
    Oh dear. Far too much trouble. Where’s Britney?

  3. Oh! I’ve just left a comment on the “Why I won’t vote for Clinton etc” post, relating to the generational thing you write about here.

    I believe you are being too hard on us RJ!

    We are all part of the evolution of civilisation, as I see it. We (the War Babies and those who came immediately after) have played and still play our proper part in it. Enlightenment comes slowly and painfully to the human race, and without the lessons we have learned the next stage couldn’t happen.

    There have been great minds and some wonderful hearts from our generation. Look at the blog post on Wisewebwoman’s blog today and wonder at Stan Brock and his achievements.

    Our generation ushered in the computer age, without which the Obamabots wouldn’t be able to talk to each other and fan the flames of change which now are blazing well.

    I think, as it says in that sweet piece “Desiderata”

    “And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    ,,,,,,,With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world. ”

    If Obama becomes president, then perhaps it IS time for the next stage. If he doesn’t, or if he does and fucks it up, I guess we still have lessons to learn.

  4. Flimsy – I agree with most of what you say, but it’s important, I think, to understand I was approaching the subject with a broad brush, examining one single generation of an evolutionary organism on its way to success or failure as a species. Examining the overall effect of our generation on the species success results in the deeply negative conclusion that we probably contributed much more towards its demise, than we offered opportunity to flourish.

    WWW – it is, indeed, a reflection of our sad state that a wet-behind-the-ears newbie is the only real hope on offer. As you rightly indicate, the only other choice is head-in-the-sands and reach for Britney.

    Twilight – many thanks for your contributions to the Obama/Clinton (we won’t include McCain here) debate under “Why I won’t vote for Clinton etc”. It was your earlier comment, and my response, that prompted the above post, “It’s Up To Them Now.”

    I refer you to my reply to ‘Flimsy’ above, to avoid having to repeat it. Yes, there have been great men and women of every generation who have performed wonderful things. The question, when we examine our progress as an individual species, is whether all of those ‘shining lights’ combined have had any effect on our ability to survive within the confines of this planet.

    Even if we ignore our inherent need to carry on reproducing in a manner that determines the ever-increasing extinction of all other species, our insatiable lust for war and the extermination and subjugation of our own kind fuels the processes that are causing our planet to turn around and say, “Enough is enough”.

    Yet our generation continues in the same crazy, barbaric manner.

    Our generation was the first to really recognize these problems, yet despite the ‘shining lights’ we stood by and did nothing, to a point where even now it may be too late. How many times over the last decade have we heard politicians and scientists saying things like, “We don’t want to leave a global catastrophe for our children, or their children. What will they think of us?”

    Sadly, that is what will almost certainly happen. Few of our generation are taking global-warming seriously. They either think we’ll eventually find something to ‘shoot into the atmosphere’ and make everything right again, or just ‘don’t believe God will ever let that happen.’

    As to the upcoming generation, only time will tell if they can develop the necessary savoir faire to correct our omissions, with or without Barack Obama, assuming they have the time to do so.

    ““And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should…..”

    The Universe is vast; by comparison, the earth is a grain of sand upon the beach. Will the Universe miss us when we’re gone?

  5. Interesting blog here. It’s relevant to note that several major media outlets, including NBC, The New York Times, and Newsweek, have in recent weeks made the argument that Obama is not a Boomer nor a GenXer, but instead he is specifically a member of Generation Jones…the long lost generation, born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Xers. As a Joneser myself, I’m happy to see our long ignored generation finally getting deserved attention.

  6. “Will the Universe miss us when we’re gone?”

    Right now, RJA, the universe is preparing to toss us off like the infestation of pesky fleas we truly are.

  7. Twilight – Dare I say, I rest my case?

    ElectionWatcher – welcome to Sparrow Chat, and thank you for the compliment. It’s good to know the Joneses are keeping up with the rest of us for a change.

    WWW – an interesting comparison, given that parasites generally co-exist well with their host until they become too greedy. Then, they kill the host and invariably die themselves, unless fortunate enough to find a new host in time. We won’t kill our planet, but our greed is sickening it sufficiently to see us off. As for finding a new host…..

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