6 Replies to “The Country George Bush Wants To Bomb”

  1. 🙁
    I was struck most of all by the sequences of the children playing. They could be out in the street in front of our house 🙁

  2. Thanks, RJ. They are just like us, aren’t they! If more Americans would think – really think – they’d realise this, instead of looking on other countries and races as inferior and uncivilised.

    I often think about Omar Khayyam, legendary philosopher, astronomer etc. – a native of Iran (then Persia). I love his Rubaiyat, as translated by Fitzgerald.

    A quatrain from that translation springs to mind

    “One Moment in Annihaltion’s Waste
    One moment of the Well of Life to taste –
    The Stars are setting and the Caravan
    Starts for the Dawn of Nothing – Oh, make haste!”

    The Caravan is heading helter skelter now, with GWB in charge!

  3. RJ, if you continue trying to teach geography to young Americans you’re going to be on GWB’s shit-list, in no time flat.

    Passing on such vital information regarding most other countries also being populated by regular, everyday, normal human beings?

    Tsk, tsk, man. Have you never heard of ‘ONE Nation Under God’? Or ‘Protecting the Homeland’? Or ‘National Security’? Or ‘The Military Industrial Complex’? Or ‘Big Oil’? Or ‘War Profiteering’? Or ‘The American Way’?

    Have you no shame, sir?


  4. Oops! Of course I should have typed ” … regarding most other countries also being populated …”

    To be expected though, I suppose, eh? Ignorant no-nothing that I am. I mean, what else should one expect from damnned foreigners? Eh?

  5. Jo – they try to convince us that foreigners are somehow different from us, in the hope we won’t then complain too much when they blow them into little pieces.

    Flimsy – absolutely true. I see it on my school bus every day. The bullies are always the one’s ready to blame the weaker kid for their own bad behavior.

    Twilight“And do you think that unto such as you;
    A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew:
    God gave the secret — and denied it me?
    Well, well, what matters it? Believe that, too.

    “Maggot-minded; starved of intellect, and fanatical” A perfect description of the Bush administration?

    Good old Omar!

    TOB – it would be an honor (American spelling) greater than the Congressional Medal to be on GWB’s shit-list.

    “… regarding most other countries also being populated …” you must be getting old, TOB, that’s exactly what you did write. 😉

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