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Just how much do you know about Iran? You’re probably aware its capital is called Tehrain, the religion is mainly Muslim, and its president has a funny-sounding and almost unpronounceable name. But do you know anything about everyday life in Iran; what its small towns are like, the illnesses suffered by its people, or how life expectancy compares with, say, Port Arthur in Texas?

Port Arthur, Texas, is in the news. Like many small towns grown up around heavy industry, it suffers from the profit mentality of corporate America. It’s a petrochemical town. The bigwigs of the petrochemical industry don’t live in Port Arthur. Their houses are far, far away from the fumes, the pollution, the squalor that exists in Port Arthur, Texas.

You can read all about it on this Yahoo News page.

Of course, if you have an interest in finding out just what Iran is really like, rather than leaving it to George W Bush or Condoleeza Rice to fill your mind with their twisted ideas, you could try reading the Tehrain Times.

Not only will it help illuminate you to life in Iran, but it will also reveal what it’s like to live in Port Arthur, Texas.

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