The Collateral Damage Of Typhoon Haiyan

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Typhoon Haiyan is now officially the most severe weather system of its type ever to make landfall. A major nation has been virtually wiped off the map. It will take years, decades, for the Philippines to recover.

Wild fires, drought, floods, tornadoes, so severe they create new records of intensity with every year that passes, and regularly afflict the Americas and Australia. The oceans are rising and warming. Greenhouse gases are poisoning the atmosphere at a rate barely comprehensible.

And still they do nothing.

Who should the people of the Philippines blame for this ransacking of their nation? Who, or what, can they hold accountable for the sudden death and destruction that has robbed them of their families, their homes, their livelihoods?

Should they, perhaps, blame their God?

Or, should they hold responsible those who years ago were warned of the consequences of human pollution, and did nothing?

And are still doing nothing.

Those who had most to lose from legislation that, had it been enacted in time, would have averted, or at least lessened, the catastrophic weather patterns we now experience, chose to block that legislation by corruption, blackmail, and bribery of our lawmakers. In turn, those lawmakers – our politicians – turned their backs on the people and took the thirty pieces of silver showered on them by the corporate rich.

It may be human nature to blame a deity in time of tribulation, but no deity was responsible for those ten thousand dead in the Philippines, or the 170,000 who died in the tsunami of December 2004 in Indonesia…

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…or the 15,883 deaths resulting from the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

Japanese woman crying

Mankind is wholly responsible. The greedy rich, and those who feed from the crumbs scattered from corporate dinner tables, are the real culprits. Only they had the power to do something. They did nothing. Only they had the means to turn the atmospheric tide. Instead, they chose mammon.

It will get worse. Even now, while quietly hinting at global warming as a possibility, Western media still hedges with the stock phrase, “No-one can say for sure…”.

It will come to America. It won’t be called Typhoon Haiyan, but it will come. It will create devastation on this continent such as has never been witnessed before. It will make Katrina resemble a breeze on a summer’s day.

Will they still do nothing then? They probably will, when they finally realize their own, fat, corporate hides are in jeopardy. Then they’ll get around to doing something.

Then it will be too late.

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  1. I think it’s too late already RJ – maybe they know it too. If the powers that be do enact some restrictions now they’ll be too minor to have effect. The kind of thing they’d put in place should’ve been put in place in the 1970s….or at latest around the time Al Gore sounded an alarm with his Inconvenient Truth.

    As Joni Mitchell sang

    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    Till it’s gone….

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