Lessons In Hypocrisy By Her Majesty’s Government

There’s a time for debate. There’s a time for well-researched, deliberate, reflection. There’s a time for pure, unadulterated anger. Today is undoubtedly a time for the latter.

The spotlight is not on the US, but across the Atlantic. Yet again that shower of pompous, wealth-laden, arseholes, known collectively as “Her Britannic Majesty’s government”, are displaying unadulterated arrogance by attempting to throw blame onto NHS workers already victimized by government mismanagement, while continuing to line their fat wallets with corporate cash, and systematically drain the National Health Service of its last vestiges of efficiency.

Minister for health

Jeremy Hunt – UK Minister for Health

Today, it was announced, staff members of the NHS (read: doctors and nurses) will be held criminally accountable for any wilful neglect of patients. Big Chief of the stuffed shirts comprising this apology for a government, David Cameron, said:

…health workers who mistreated and abused patients would face “the full force of the law” in a package of measures…[1]

No doubt, it will be left to government lawyers to determine whether any neglect is ‘wilful’, or simply the result of an over-stressed doctor clocking up his 100th hour on duty that week.

Having decimated the NHS, systematically reduced its funding to a point where only skeleton staffing numbers can exist, all for the sole purpose of providing the excuse necessary to hand the whole service over to corporate enterprise, Cameron and cronies are now reduced to creating a climate of fear among NHS staff, who are already struggling to cope, thanks to willful mismanagement by the very people now imposing fear of imprisonment, for probably no more than human failing due to work related stress.

It was Winston Churchill who said, “Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job.”

Within the NHS that could be re-phrased, “Give us the staff and we’ll be able to do the job.”

Cameron and Co have no idea what’s involved in the proper functioning of a National Health Service. Why should they? They’ve never used it. They pay for private medical care. All they’re interested in is balancing the books. And the only way they know to do that is by cutting back on staff and salaries. It’s the same with the economy. It’s in a mess, let the poor people pay to get us out of it.

Perhaps it’s time a law was enacted making wilful neglect of the economy a criminal offence, or the wilful neglect of public services. Maybe then Cameron and Co would make the effort to govern Britain more responsibly. If only they knew how.

Meanwhile, still desperately endeavoring to make his name as an international leader, David Cameron has traveled to Sri Lanka in an attempt to intimidate President Mahinda Rajapaksa into setting up an independent enquiry into alleged human rights abuses against Tamils since the end of the war in 2009[2].

‘Either do that, or a UN Human Rights Council enquiry will,’ threatened Cameron.


President Rajapaksa with his ‘Ministers’

President Rajapaksa’s response was, “Piss off! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

He has a point. How about human rights abuses in Iraq, Mister Cameron – just for starters? And we’ll promise not to mention Northern Ireland (we’d hate to cast aspersions on your predecessor, Margaret Thatcher[3]), or, of course, those old colonial days of the Raj, when Sri Lanka was still known as Ceylon.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is no saint. It’s likely he, and his relatives, were responsible for many of the human rights abuses suffered by Tamils of late. He’s not a nice man.

But then, it takes one hypocrite to know another.

[1] “Doctors and nurses may face jail for neglect” BBC, November 16th 2013

[2] “Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa defiant on rights row” BBC, November 16th 2013

[3] “UK-assistance-to-Sri-Lankan-Police_1983.pdf”

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  1. I know that Harper here in Canada would love to dismantle our universal health care system where all users are treated equally.

    In these days of corporatocracy we all have to be extremely vigilant for further abuses of our commons.


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