The Bulldog, Bear, And Boris Berezovsky – An Update

Today it is the turn of the Times of London to hurl verbal rocks at the Russian government and defend that most noble of Soviet dissidents, Boris Berezovsky, though in a more muted tone than that of yesterday’s Sun newspaper.

Of course, this comes as no surprise considering both newspapers are owned by the same man – good old Rupert Murdoch – who, as reported yesterday is one of Berezovsky’s close friends and business associates.

Let’s stick together, boys!

The Times wasn’t totally silent on the subject yesterday, laying the groundwork for today’s piece with a nice little non-story about two Russian bombers leaving their Arctic base on the Kola Peninsula and flying towards Scotland. While RAF fighters were scrambled just in case Vladimir Putin had blown his mind and ordered an attack on the Gleneagles golf course, the bombers predictably turned back well before reaching UK airspace.

All-in-all, hardly worthy of news space, but a suitable prelude to today’s weightier article.

It’s hard to comprehend whether Berezovsky is taking the British government for a ride, or the latter – in conjunction with the US government – is using the Israeli/Russian oligarch as a pawn in some power game with the Russian president.

Given the state of play in the world today, with corporate power in the ascendancy and politics simply their instrument of control, it’s more likely the former. There is no doubt Putin’s demise is Berezovsky’s prime objective. His cosy relationship with the vodka-swilling President Yeltsin came to an end somewhat abruptly in late 1999 when Yeltsin resigned and Putin took over, immediately taking steps to curb the oligarchs.

Berezovsky is a man powerful enough to break governments, and there are too many like him. Their ruthlessness knows no bounds. Killing, just as much as corruption, is a convenient way to achieve their objectives. They have seen how in the US, the office of President can be kidnapped, the incumbent reduced to a marionette dancing to a corporate tune. Expansion is their goal, and Putin is fully aware they are after, if not his position, then certainly his political power. While George W Bush and other political leaders may court Boris Berezovsky and his like, they had best be aware that any moment an oligarch’s knife may stab them in the back.

In an interesting statement today, it was announced that the recently arrested would-be assassin of Mister Berezovsky was held for two days by Britain’s Scotland Yard Police Headquarters and then quietly deported without charge. Berezovsky himself, when questioned on the matter, informed reporters that the police had told him “…not to go into detail about the assassination attempt and therefore I will not do so.”

But surely, if there has been an attempt on a man’s life on British soil, the public has a right to know the details?

Not to put too fine a point on it – the whole business stinks.

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