Better Dead, Than Socialist?

Most of us are at least aware of Michael Moore’s latest film, “SiCKO”. Some will already have seen it. Many won’t bother.

As one who has spent fifty plus years dependent on the British National Health Service for my medicine, and five years enslaved by the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry of America’s “healthcare system”, I know only too well where my loyalties lie.

Let me put it this way. If my advancing years cause me to require extensive medical care, my fervent wish is that the cause will not be down to accident or mishap. Rather, I would prefer a gradually encroaching illness – one that would at least allow me to exercise my right as a British citizen, hop on a plane, and book myself into a British National Health Service hospital for treatment, rather than suffer the financial disaster of medical care in a similar US establishment.

When I first arrived on these shores, my initial visit to a family doctor was for a minor matter. I was one of the very fortunate ones. My wife has family health insurance cover of the very best. She works for the government. My new doctor seemed somewhat patronizing of my origins, and at the end of the visit he told me I would have no worries about my healthcare in America, saying, “We have good strong medicines over here, Mister Adams, unlike your National Health Service.”

To say I was perplexed by this comment would be an understatement. I had no idea what he was talking about. Of course, I now know he was simply another victim of the GAIM – the Great American Indoctrination Machine. He firmly believed the British National Health Service was akin to a collection of 18th century African witch doctors performing rites and incantations while their patient slowly expired before them. He held that view because he’d been taught that it was true.

Sadly, for gullible America, so have the majority of Americans.

A few weeks ago I developed a minor, though irritating skin complaint. I rang my family doctor’s office to make an appointment, only to be told it would be at least six weeks before they could fit me in. After a bit of the good old British tongue-lashing, I was finally told they would have to arrange for a nurse to contact me back and ascertain if my condition required an “emergency appointment”. Apparently, it did, and I was told to report the next day. What, I later wondered, if I had been a meek, elderly gentlemen without a Brit’s requisite hard-bitten cheek to demand my rights? How might I then have fared?

Six weeks to see a doctor!

No, I’m sorry, America, but if you don’t stand up and exert your rights as citizens, you deserve to be trampled underfoot by those with power and wealth who will watch you die in the gutter, for the sheer fun they get from it.

Michael Moore’s film really cannot be criticized. It speaks for itself. Of course, there are those who will call it all lies and deceit – rigged to appear authentic but in reality just actors paid to read lines. Let me tell you, America, I can stand with hand on heart and state categorically that at least 85% of what the film says is true. I have no knowledge of the Canadian Health System. I have, as a consumer, extensive knowledge of the British system, and as an observer, a working familiarity with the French healthcare system, which is better again than the British NHS.

The greatest objection to be raised in this country against an all-embracing, free, health service is that it’s “UN-AMERICAN”. I cannot argue with that. It most certainly is. But aren’t you ashamed to admit it? It’s un-American because no-one would make a profit! “Ah, but we can’t have our government expanding itself and running such things,” I hear the cry, “next they’ll be telling us what to do!”

The GAIM rears its ugly head yet again.

Have you, America, ever stopped to wonder why there is such a hoo-ha in this country about restraining the size of government? Who is responsible for spreading this fear? “Ah, but it goes back to our Founding Fathers and the Constitution,” I hear the cry. Yes, it does. Which must surely mean that your saintly Founding Fathers had no concerns for the welfare and health of the nation they had founded. Or, did they expect citizens to simply dispense their home-brewed medicine and remove their own perforated appendixes?

The men who wrote the Constitution had escaped from a Europe of the day, brimming with petty kings and dictators. Their experiences colored their vision. Also, they were most certainly not the near-deities today’s American youth are taught they were. The GAIM has probably been the most enduring and profit-making idea in all of America’s history.

Does it not strike you as strange that your government is opposed to a National Health Service? After all, it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.” Surely, one way a government could gain lots of ground is by expanding into healthcare? Let’s make no mistake, healthcare has to be paid for. That means an increase in taxes – every finance minister’s dream. It makes sense to assume every US government since Lincoln’s would be straining at the bit to introduce its own universal health care program.

The nearest any came to doing so was when Bill Clinton empowered wife Hilary to set the ball in motion. It didn’t roll very far before being kicked out the arena by the drug barons.

Of course, that was before Hilary Clinton sold out to the insurance companies. It’s unlikely any whisper of universal healthcare will be heard from the Clinton platform during the 2007/2008 presidential campaign.

America, your politicians and your government have no interest in providing you with universal healthcare. In fact, it is utterly against their interests. A large percentage of your “representatives” already have other “jobs” – in, or associated with, the healthcare industry.

Are you finally beginning to realize you have been duped? Or is that all-American, self-consuming pride still preventing you from seeing the wood for the trees? Are you still too blind to recognize the light of truth, even when it sears your eyeballs like fifty million candlepower?

Until you open your eyes, your nation will continue to rank on a par with third world countries when it comes to infant mortality, deaths from preventable diseases, and a population mortality rate way behind the rest of the western world.

Alexander Hamilton, in his Federalist Paper No.23, 1787, laid out four principal reasons a government was formed:

  1. The common defense
  2. The preservation of public peace
  3. The regulation of commerce, and
  4. The supervision of foreign affairs

He wasn’t much of a “Founding Father”, was he? He missed out the most important reason any government is elected.

I’ll fill it in for him:

    5. Ensuring the welfare of the people.

Or, is it just about playing the GAIM.

NOTE: If you haven’t yet seen “SiCKO”, it can be viewed in its entirety online for free HERE.

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2 Replies to “Better Dead, Than Socialist?”

  1. I am one of those Americans without health insurance – none, nada. I will say, when I did have it, I didn’t use it either as our health care is wildly out of control – a pill for everything and a pill for things you don’t even have. So, I abandoned them and now just use a walk-in clinic when small things occur. My total outlay last year was $280.00. So far, it’s working. If I do have a calamity, I think that is it for me. But, I’ve always lived on the edge of some abyss and I’m comfortable there. I do want to see National Health Care and have seen Sicko – Moore did a fantastic job, as usual.

  2. PM – having lived in a country that has universal health care – and griped about it many times – it has taken America to make me appreciate how invaluable the British NHS is to its citizens. The right-wing in this country will easily obtain negative quotes from Brits, Canadians, or even the French about their healthcare . It’s the old story. We don’t appreciate what we’ve got until its no longer there.

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