The 51st State Of The Union?

The US media is either jubilant over the slowdown in violence around Baghdad, or just ignoring the occupation altogether. Really, there’s not a lot to be optimistic about. Last month the Iraqi death toll fell by half, from 2,400 to around 1,200. Would New Yorkers be out celebrating on the streets if they had been losing 2,400 citizens a month and it had suddenly dropped to only 1,200?

The BBC website has been running a series of extracts from Iraqi blogs. It admits most of the English speaking bloggers have now left the country, though managed to find three still writing from inside Iraq, and one, Riverbend, now in Syria.

“Aunt Najma”, a nineteen year old girl from Mosul, ends her post:

“We’re really strangers in our country… oh well, excuse me, I don’t think “our” should be used anymore. I’m not sure whose country it is, but it’s not mine for sure.”

Perhaps, after all, the Americans are winning.

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3 Replies to “The 51st State Of The Union?”

  1. It is damn hard to get powerful people to listen at all, let alone to reason. I think their ears are tuned in for applause only.

    I noticed it the other day at the hospital while I was waiting for my appointment. The pretty people never look around – they are so aware of themselves that they won’t even acknowlege that someone else is in the room. They are always on stage, although they never come up with an original statement and only blather the current crap they think is cool. Really, why are the pretty actors and actresses paid more than the writers? That is insane – the old waitress/cook conundrum.

  2. Yes I was following some Iraqi blogs for a while and got so depressed and helpless, it does one’s head in.
    I kept thinking this could be my country they’re occupying, my grandchildren blown up and classified as collateral damage.
    I can’t watch the video, R.J., but would love to. I’m a dial-up dolly out here in the goodlands so miss my You-Tube feasts A LOT.

    And Flimsy, I hear ya: it’s a topsy turvy world when those CEO’s get paid in the stratosphere even when the corp is losing and the starving masses are being laid off….

  3. Flimsy – did they give you any strange pills while you were at the hospital? 😉

    WWW – you poor thing! Dial-up? I vaguely remember that: clink on a link, then go make a pot of tea….

    How easily people dehumanize the “enemy”, even, it seems, when they’re not even the enemy.

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