Tax-Free Tampons And Papist Hypocrisy

It’s here at last! The great Tory giveaway has arrived. Headline news today as it’s announced that the tax on tampons is to be abolished. The 5% VAT on these little cotton wads is to go.

Ladies, it’s anticipated that in the average lifetime of use, which is around forty years, you’ll save about 40 quid! Or, to put it another way – approximately  a one pound coin every year.

Don’t you feel better off already?

Meanwhile, it would seem the coronavirus, Covid-19, is to be short-lived. Pope Francis is praying for an end to this nasty germ and surely God will hear his prayers, even if that Divinity seems unmoved by the supplications of ordinary folk.

Just to err on the safe side, His Holiness is broadcasting via video link in case his Boss is otherwise engaged and fails to respond to his pleas, which won’t be much consolation to the thousands spreading the virus amongst themselves while congregated in St Peter’s Square to hear him.

Ah, the hypocrisy of religion.

2 Replies to “Tax-Free Tampons And Papist Hypocrisy”

  1. His Holiness’s pleas do indeed appear to have fallen on deaf ears up there in The Great Beyond judging, now, from the state of the land where the Pope currently resides in splendor. Complete shutdown – a far worse state, it seems, than neighbouring countries. Collecting plates will be empty for quite some time – can’t be ‘avin’ that now, can we?

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