SuperHero, Or Capitalist Pawn?

It’s good to know that Superman and I have something in common.

When Americans I meet realize I’m from Britain, and have been living in the US for nine years, they automatically assume I’ve taken US citizenship. My response to their question induces an immediate glazing of the eyes as they struggle to comprehend my reasoning.

Quite simply, I’ve never pledged allegiance to any nation or flag, and I’m not going to start now. My right to British citizenship is a birthright, not because I swore an oath of allegiance to the country in which I just happened to be born.

While there is much that I like about America – many of its people, some of its geography, etc – and much that I dislike, acquiring citizenship is not about swearing allegiance to those factors, but to a political system that has become repugnant to me.

Apparently, Superman feels much as I do.

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As Guy Adams (no relation to the author) writes in the Independent this week:

He’s still a firm believer in truth and justice, but the world’s foremost superhero is no longer sure he can carry on proudly endorsing the American way. As he approaches his 80th birthday, Superman has made a shock decision: he intends to renounce his US citizenship.

The move, to be announced next week in the 900th edition of Action Comics, comes after a peculiarly topical plot twist: the Man of Steel finds himself being criticised by the White House for joining young Muslims at a rally against the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran.

“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of US policy,” he wearily tells the President’s National Security Advisor. “Truth, justice and the American way… It’s not enough anymore. The world’s too small. Too connected. I intend to speak before the United Nations tomorrow and inform them that I am renouncing my US citizenship.”[1]

Superman’s threat has upset quite a few Americans, particularly those with leanings to the political right.

“This is absolutely sickening,” commented one reader on “We are now down to destroying all American Icons. How are we going to survive as a Nation?”

As Guy Adams writes:

News that Superman’s commitment to the USA is wavering sparked comic levels of outrage among right-leaning commentators yesterday.

“We are turning into the biggest bunch of pantie-wasted sissies I’ve ever seen,” wrote one Jimmy Wallingford, of Texas, after reading of the development on the New York Post’s website. “Has anyone at DC Comics been to another country? America may have some problems, but there is nowhere I’d rather be!”

Another reader, Bernie Loverde, suggested that the development was part of a plot to indoctrinate children with left-wing beliefs. “Do progressives, with their one global life and political correctness, have no end to what they have to shit all over?” he asked.

Comic? Well, it would be if it were fiction, but for grown men to act so immaturely says much about why this country’s government is the way it is.

As for Jimmy Wallingford, of Texas, asking, “Has anyone at DC Comics been to another country?” I would venture to suggest Mister Wallingford has never set foot outside of Texas. Though, possibly he’s vacationed in Mexico?

Superman travels all over the Universe and has certainly journeyed throughout much of this globe, so it’s possible he’s realized many countries are streets ahead of America.

Europe could teach the US a lot, if only it was prepared to listen. Unfortunately, Americans are so indoctrinated against the concept of socialism (most, conveniently confuse it with communism) that they become blind and deaf, though certainly not dumb, whenever the subject is broached.

If there’s one thing America can teach the world, it’s how to cut off its nose to spite its face.

Sadly, there’s a strong possibility that Superman’s action is no more than a clever plot, by corporate Hollywood, to boost international interest in its latest movie involving the superhero. It’s probably no coincidence that the movie script for the upcoming, “Man of Steel”, set to shoot this summer, is written by David S. Goyer, who will also write Superman’s renunciation episode in the 900th edition of Action Comic.

So, despite Krypton, despite the chisel chin and rippling muscles, despite the flowing cape and cute red panties…

…perhaps, in reality, Superman is just another of those corporate pawns cleverly designed to mislead the public into believing Capitalism is the only true religion, and America the greatest nation on earth.

Oh, well, maybe Superman and I don’t have that much in common after all.

[1] “Superman becomes a super-rebel – and scourge of the American right” Independent, April 30th 2011

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4 Replies to “SuperHero, Or Capitalist Pawn?”

  1. Yeah, the mass hypnosis of USians, taken for another mythical spin. And they just don’t get it.

    Sorry can’t source – but I’ll try after I keyboarf this – but a very interesting essay appeared recently by someone who had spent a few weeks in Ireland listening/reading/watching Irish media and compared it to US media as literature to comics.

    Most apt considering your post….now I will hunt.

    Sorry RJA, tried all my faves and coudn’t locate…


  2. WWW – that’s a pity, I’d have liked to read it. Mind, having much experience of the European media generally, and the British in particular, I can state categorically that when comparing with the US they’re on different levels.
    A comparison of European media to that of the US as literature to comics is, I think, quite accurate.

  3. Read the Independent article and searched for ‘Jimmy Wallingford’, thinking much the same as yourself – that he’d never set foot outside Texas – and found this.

    Should also be mentioned that even if he has, it’s likely been with the military, and it’s a sad fact that US citizens abroad are well-renowned for remaining particularly insular within their own communities abroad – with all resepect to your readers.

    Was geared up to have a good rant at him but I can relax and remove crash helmet now. Refreshing. Thanks.


  4. Roger – glad you found us. You’re right about the US military. They take everything with them, including MacDonalds! Keep in touch.

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