OBL Has Gone To Hell…Maybe

It’s celebration time in America, but what is it they’re partying about? President Obama called it ‘justice’. It’s not that. One BBC reporter said it was a classic case of ‘the good guys killing the bad guys’. It’s not that, either.

On the surface, you might find it hard to find any similarity between the alleged assassination (for that’s what it was) of Osama bin Laden and the recent royal wedding in Britain. In fact, there’s an obvious parallel.

As the Western world teeters on the edge of economic decline, both the royal wedding and the news of bin Laden’s alleged violent demise at the guns of America’s elite troops, serve the same purpose. They provide the populace with a reason to celebrate, at least, temporarily.

Personally, I enjoyed those parts of the royal wedding that made it into the Adams’ household. It made me feel good about being British. Right now, I’m glad I’m not American. Somehow, the idea of feeling enthused and patriotic by the violent end of another human being is distinctly disturbing.

If the story, suddenly released in a blaze of media frenzy this morning, is true and bin Laden is dead, it is of no consequence to me. That old adage is invariably right, “He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword.”

Justice, however, it is not. For the supposed leader of the ‘free’ world to state that it is, says more about the sad state of the ‘free’ world than it does about Osama bin Laden.

The mass hysteria that accompanied the news, so hyped by the US media with its videos of yelling crowds outside the White House, young men chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”, and the inevitable “Christian” gentleman assuring us that ‘God had taken his [bin Laden’s] soul and hurled it into Hell!” is as disturbing to me as any crowd of Muslim fundamentalists dancing with glee at the sight of burning towers on 9/11.

It’s a viewpoint that begs the question, “Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?”

Does it just depend which part of the world you were born into?

If so, it’s no different than the football fan who supports his local team, except the stakes are just a little higher. Is America, then, merely celebrating a home team touchdown?

Is bin Laden dead? There’s not a shred of evidence been released to substantiate the claims. So far, we have only the word of politicians to go on, and we all know how trustworthy they are. Getting rid of a body before anyone has a chance to corroborate its identity is amazingly suspect.

Still, when everyone wants to believe he’s dead, and America is once more the vengeful angel of righteousness wreaking havoc on the ungodly, who needs evidence anyway? Most Americans will now believe revenge has finally been taken for the attacks of 9/11.

Just as there’s no evidence of his sudden death, neither is there yet one shred of evidence bin Laden was involved in the 9/11 hijackings, but after ten years most Americans find it a convenient truth, and are happy to celebrate the alleged perpetrator’s violent end.

Justice has not been done, for justice must also be seen to be done. With no trial, no evidence, no defense and no prosecution to seek out the true facts behind the accusations, to even suggest justice was done is to denigrate the very process of justice.

That the man who uttered those words is not only the president of the United States of America, but a highly qualified member of the legal profession, says little for the state of justice in this land today.

Tonight, most Americans don’t care about justice. They’re celebrating a victory. In their eyes, America is suddenly great again.

I’ve used the phrase, “most Americans” on a number of occasions throughout this article. I did so deliberately.

Earlier this afternoon I received an anonymous email in my in-tray. It contained an attachment. Apparently, the Social Security Administration’s top man, Commissioner Michael J Astrue, was so overcome with emotion at the news of bin Laden’s alleged demise, he couldn’t resist sending out an email message to all his thousands of employees. I assume it was one of them who sent it to me:

Subject: The Death of Osama bin Laden

Our unified nation has taken a major step toward peace with the death of Osama bin Laden. To those of you who serve and have served America not only through your work here but also with military service, I extend my thanks for your dedication to our country.

To those of you who lost family and loved ones on September 11, 2001, as I did, I hope last night’s news brings you some measure of comfort and closure.

Michael J. Astrue

The emailer who sent the attachment had written these words:

Something about this message just makes me feel sick in the pit of my stomach.”

Most Americans will be rejoicing tonight, but there’s at least one out there who won’t be.

Somehow that makes me feel a whole lot better.

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7 Replies to “OBL Has Gone To Hell…Maybe”

  1. A new low has been struck for the U.S. I, too, was sickened at the bloodlust and wrote about it.
    There is no justice. And there will be another bogeyman.

  2. I don’t believe that Osama isn’t dead (though I know the conspiracy theories are going round already) – if he wasn’t, it would be too easy to disprove (a video of him with the date would make the US look a trifle foolish…). You do wonder what state the body was in, though!

    However, I was very taken aback by the footage of the people dancing and cheering outside the White House – it did appear to me to be an exact duplication of the shots of the various nations who were dancing and cheering after the fall of the Twin Towers…

    Our newspapers didn’t headline the news with the word Justice – they used “Utu”, which was translated from the Maori for me by a colleague as “Sweet Revenge”. That was what this was, far more than justice.

  3. Thankfully we missed the TV coverage of this, and THAT wedding – having been away since Friday (we’re back earlier than planned). The brief snippets we saw on TVs in cafes sickened me enough….in both cases.

    That’s everything I felt: simply sickened.

  4. I think Jo’s right and bin Laden probably is dead. More evidence has come to light since I wrote the piece. Sorry, you had to cut short your trip, Twilight.

  5. I simply hope that in the last moments of consciousess, Osama Bin Laden realised that there were no 72 virgins waiting for him, no paradise for eternity, no hell; there was simply nothing and oblivion.

  6. Richard – I just wish he could have spent the next thirty or so years in a solitary confinement cell, dwelling on his sins, before coming to those conclusions.

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