Spring Has Sprung!

Winter’s finally over. Spring madness is in the air. Yet again a high ranking official of the USA is in Israel, proclaiming another ‘moment of real opportunity’ for Jews and Palestinians to kiss and make up, forget their differences, and live together as brothers and sisters for ever and ever, amen.

Do these idiots truly believe they deserve our respect?

US Vice President Joe Biden has been cosying up to Netanyahu and company since Monday. America’s carnal lust for Israel was reaffirmed stoutly, making absolutely clear that the Obama policy towards Israel’s occupation of Arab lands is not one jot different from his predecessors.[1]

In response to these US utterances of affection, Israel announced its intention to build another sixteen hundred houses in East Jerusalem, further blocking any hope of a Palestinian capital city, while gently beckoning them to ‘come to the table and talk’.

There is no hope of meaningful dialogue, and all parties know it. Israel has cleverly divided its enemy into two camps: the democratically elected Hamas in Gaza; Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Until these two factions can be reconciled, no ‘meaningful talks’ can ever take place.

After two days of sumptuous Israeli hospitality, Biden will begrudgingly spare a few hours with Palestinian leaders on Wednesday, before heading off to more luxury and soft living as a guest of King Abdullah of Jordan.

Don’t wear yourself out, Mister Vice President.

Meanwhile, in a very ordinary little house in the southern part of Wales in the UK, Jesus Christ appeared to the Allen family of Ystrad, Rhondda – in the lid of a Marmite jar.[2]

Yes, winter’s finally over. Spring madness is in the air.

[1] “Biden sees ‘moment of opportunity’ for Mid-East peace” BBC, March 9th 2010

[2] “Family see Jesus image in Marmite” BBC, March 9th 2010

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One Reply to “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. While I completely disagree with Herr Lieberman he’s basically right about this ‘peace process’: few things have wasted so much carbon and cost so many trees to print all the ‘talks about talks’ agendas. Meanwhile Biden and Mitchell can go round the world telling how hard they’re trying.

    Even a Palestinian unity government wouldn’t change much: we’re talking here about ‘negotiations’ between the powerhouse of the ME, backed by the only Superpower of the world and a rag tag band of impoverished and oppressed people. Stateless, many homeless and without any significant firepower. No prizes for guessing who’ll win…

    You sure that’s Jesus? Looks like Saddam Hussein to me…

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