Only In Tennessee, Or Nebraska, Or Omaha, Or……

……Illinois, or Louisiana, or Virginia, or any one of the fifty states of the USA, could this appalling tragedy occur.

A U.S. toddler accidentally killed herself after mistaking her stepfather’s handgun for a Nintendo Wii control.

Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan, three, shot herself in the stomach with the .380 caliber, semi-automatic weapon after finding it lying on a table in the living room.

Her mother was sitting at the computer just a few feet away while her three-month-old brother was also playing nearby.

Investigators today said that the child had probably mistaken the weapon for a Wii control.”

Read more: HERE.

Of course……

……don’tcha know?

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2 Replies to “Only In Tennessee, Or Nebraska, Or Omaha, Or……”

  1. I am sickened, RJA and she is only amongst the thousands of innocent children killed every single year in the NRA controlled USA.
    So little regard shown for these most helpless of victims.

  2. Oh – that’s horrendous! How ridiculous- criminal even, to leave a lethal weapon lying around and loaded, with small children around!!

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