Sorry For The Downtime

Sparrow Chat has been out of commission for a short while due to hackers. Thankfully, this particular scum wasn’t too brilliant and used an iframe code, which is relatively easy to detect and remove.

Anyone perusing Sparrow Chat over the last week may wish to run a virus scan on their hard drive to check they haven’t inadvertently been infected.

Sparrow Chat is clean again now, but it’s as well to remember we’re all under constant attack from these webscum. These days, only fools venture on the internet without reputable virus protection.

My thanks to ‘WiseWebWoman’ for the alert.

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4 Replies to “Sorry For The Downtime”

  1. Oh I’m glad you’re all cleaned up now, RJA. I was alarmed when my virus checker picked up on it as I know you had a similar attack not so long ago.

  2. WWW – yes, they seem to focus on Sparrow Chat. I have reason to suspect this particular virus was sporting a yarmulke. Likely, the previous one, also, though that is mere supposition.

  3. Oh, not again 🙁 At least you managed to pick up on this quickly – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they go away and don’t come back!

  4. Jo – yet again I’ve managed to increase security, but there’s only so much can be done. It’s always the server files they hack into, and the hosting company just shrug and say they’re doing all they can (of course!)

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