Muntadar al-Zaidi Has His Sentence Reduced

There’s still little good news emanating from Iraq, despite the efforts of western politicians, and their lackey media, to stress how wonderful life has become there of late.

One small piece of welcome news is that Muntadar al-Zaidi, the man who threw his shoes at George W Bush – and sadly missed – has had his jail sentence cut on appeal, from three years to one year.

Muntadar al-Zaidi was Sparrow Chat’s “Iraq Hero of 2008” and the video of his heroic action will remain in the website sidebar until his release, now scheduled for September 14th.

As an aside, Iraq is still wracked by bloody violence. Sparrow Chat’s “Hot-Link” (right sidebar) is presently highlighting an excellent article on the subject by the Los Angeles Times.

Do take a few minutes to peruse it.

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3 Replies to “Muntadar al-Zaidi Has His Sentence Reduced”

  1. My three favorite videos from the Bush era that are guaranteed to make me laugh every time I see them are: The Galloway/Coleman smackdown, Stephen Colbert addressing the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and, of course, al-Zaidi’s shoes flying towards Bush’s head. Ah, if only…
    At least the year should go quickly if he spends the time answering all his fan mail.

  2. There is a virus on your blog, RJA, please check! (seems to me there was another such before)
    I was also gladdened at the sentence reduction.

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