Snowden Should ‘Trust American Justice’ Says Kerry

The big furore of the moment is NBC’s ‘scoop’ obtaining an interview with Edward Snowden. If ever Snowden made a big mistake it was in agreeing to speak with “Mr Establishment’ himself, Brian Williams.

Tonight, Williams was quick to tell viewers of NBC News how many ‘ordinary’ Americans had emailed the program to declare Snowden a traitor to the US. Presumably, NBC didn’t receive any correspondence daring to suggest he was a hero for revealing just how unconstitutional the present government has become?

No-one defended Edward Snowdon, least of all John Kerry, now Foreign Secretary, once the soldier so disgusted with his government’s actions in Vietnam that he allegedly threw his medals on the White House lawn.


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Kerry stated that if Snowden was a man he’d return to the US and put his case in the hands of US justice. That would be the same US justice that kept Bradley Manning[1] locked up in a brig for months, tortured and in solitary confinement, before finally sentencing him to spend the next thirty-five years in a US prison cell?

Kerry also stated that Snowden’s whistleblowing had soured US relations with Europe, and especially Germany. He failed to clarify that had the NSA not been tapping Angela Merchel’s private phone calls, along with those of other European leaders, then Snowden would have had nothing to reveal. It was the action, not the revealing of it, that was reprehensible. Snowden merely displayed to the world the truth of America’s contempt for its European allies.

Perhaps Mr Kerry should be man enough to admit when his country has done wrong, and not try to pass the responsibility on to someone who has sacrificed everything to defend the rights of his fellow US citizens, many of whom seem to have conveniently forgotten the contents of the Constitution they make a pretense of holding so dear.

[1] “Bradley Manning given 35-year prison term for passing files to WikiLeaks” Guardian, August 21st 2013

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  1. I’m not a big fan of Brian Williams, but not sure anyone else (who’d have be allowed to do the interview) would’ve been any better – it was NBC after all. Snowden was more than well-equipped to deal with any negative implications. He’s impressive. Kerry is yonks past his sell-by date – and it shows.

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