Smart Car, But No Smart Gas Mileage – 2

Sparrow Chat receives on average around 500 – 750 hits each week. That’s not a bad statistic, until one realizes that Sparrow Chat’s popularity is down to one post written in January 2008. The post was entitled “Smart Car, But No Smart Gas Mileage”, and was an attack on the US motor industry for producing engines that returned mileage figures way below those of similar vehicles in Europe. (You’ll note it is No 1 of all-time Popular Posts)

Frankly, Sparrow Chat couldn’t give a damn about the cost of gas to US motorists. For decades, Americans have had the benefit of cheap fuel while the rest of the world paid through the nose to subsidize them.

Sparrow Chat is all about people. Real people. The people who really matter, whether they be Americans, Brits, Asians, Africans, or the Inuits of the far north.

This world is in catastrophe. Global warming will annihilate us all, except for the wealthy and powerful, of course, unless we band together and make our feelings known to politicians worldwide, who seem hellbent on ensuring our destruction, even as they make personal plans to survive the holocaust bearing down upon us.

Americans are their own worst enemy. All they care about is whether they’ll be able to continue running the gas-guzzling SUV’s General Motors and Chrysler have been shoving down their throats for the past decade. So concerned are they, that offshore drilling has become a major election factor in 2008. According to polls, a majority of Americans are in favor of drilling for oil on the US continental shelf, making a Republican presidential election victory more than just a gleam in Karl Rove’s eye this 2008.

As global warming dictates less use of fossil fuels, Americans vote for more, just to satisfy their selfish desires.

Here are the facts: America produces only 3% of its present oil requirements. George W Bush (and John McCain/Sarah Palin) advocate offshore drilling to offset foreign imports. It will take a minimum of ten years to bring any offshore oil online. At best, that additional oil supply will add 1%-2% to America’s overall consumption. The effect on global warming will be far higher.

Here’s the question: how much do Americans really love their kids?

Are they prepared to sacrifice their children tomorrow so they can continue to run their gas-guzzling SUV’s today?

Have you found this page by searching Google for cars with low gas mileage? Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a Smart car and want to check out the mileage figures? Sparrow Chat will let you into a secret: you’re being conned. The American Smart car does no better than any other small American car. It gets about 20 mpg around town.

You need a car that runs on hydrogen. Why can’t you buy one? Because the oil companies won’t let you. Hydrogen cars are available, but the oil companies feel their gas stations shouldn’t accomodate clean, hydrogen-powered, vehicles.

In order to protect their obscene profits, oil companies are happy to put the survival of the people – Americans, Brits, Asians, Africans, even the Inuits of the far north – at risk.

If you’ve come here to find the car that’s cheap to run, light on your budget, go elsewhere. This website is concerned with saving the planet, it’s people, it’s cultures. The politicians aren’t interested in such matters. They’re concern is serving their masters – the corporates.

If you’re not in favor of that, then stay awhile. Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll read something that resonates.

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3 Replies to “Smart Car, But No Smart Gas Mileage – 2”

  1. I had to chuckle when I read your post, RJA, as most of my Google hits are on “Naked Older Ladies” when I blogged about this naked 100 year old woman appearing on a calendar and I asked was anything sacred.
    Did you see the documentary on “The Death of the Electric Car” which expounds further on the power of the oil magnates?
    There is no hope, I do believe.

  2. Don’t know much about this subject, but I happened to watch an episode of “What not to Wear” on TV last night – the woman subject of the show (who was having her dress sense made-over) was a re-cycling mogul from Las Vegas.
    She refused to wear anything not vintage or of natural fiber or not manufactered from re-cycled material. They took her to a variety of shops in New York specialising is such stuff. What impressed me was the way she insisted on travelling from store to store – by a kind of rickshaw thingy which seemed to be part pedal powered by the triver and part electric. Seems they have such things in The Big Apple. Good idea!

  3. WWW – Naked old Ladies? Who were these perverts?

    No, I’ve heard of the documentary but never seem to find time to watch these things lately. It doesn’t surprise me, though, the oil companies go to any lengths to suppress ideas that might cut their profits.

    Twilight – I absolutely, positively, and utterly refuse to drive a rickshaw, in NY or anywhere else. Besides, most Americans are so fat they’d never fit in one.

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