Looks Like The Queen Has Abdicated

If ever any political party deserved to lose an election, it has to be the Democrats in 2008. If ever any Democratic politician needed to prove their worthiness to the party, it’s Hillary Clinton now her race for the presidential nomination has ended.

Where is Hillary Clinton? At a time when her party needs her more than ever, it appears Clinton has taken a vacation. Does this indicate a serious case of sour grapes?

There isn’t one male politician among Democrats who can stand up and talk truth about Sarah Palin without being denounced as sexist. Karl Rove knows it. This Satan in human form has outflanked the left by his choice of Palin for Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton is now the only female Democrat with the clout to shove Palin off the podium once and for all, but instead she chooses to closet herself away where the media can’t reach.

“Ah,” you say, “then she should have been the VP choice.”

No, she shouldn’t. It made no sense, and if Clinton is half as bright as she wants us to believe, she would realize that. Give her a plumb job in the administration, but not as vice president, where subordination to Obama would have rankled too much.

Sarah Palin is being used by Karl Rove, and to great effect. How easy it is to fool the American people. All they want is an icon to cheer, a hero to applaud. Politics means nothing to Mister Average American. He’d rather have a Hollywood star than a statesman, which is why Ronald Reagan is still hyped as a “great” president, when in fact, he was truly the architect of the mess America is in today.

For all her “Barracuda” bluster, Palin is no match for Clinton. Clinton has the experience it will take Palin years to accrue. Clinton could demolish Palin virtually overnight.

So, where is she?

At a recent Obama meeting, he was asked by one frustrated Democrat, “When are you going to start fighting back?”

Obama responded that he campaigned differently, with truth. That’s a real shame, because Mister Average American doesn’t know truth if he falls over it and breaks his neck. You can speak truth to him till the cows come home and he’ll still go out and vote for the pretty one with the big mouth and Karl Rove answers.

The Democrats are hamstrung. There’s no influential female politician in the party with the clout of Hillary Clinton; no-one who can attack Palin’s pathetic lack of experience without falling foul of the ‘sexism’ Republican response.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden admitted Clinton may have been a better pick for VP candidate.[1] He was wrong.

Hillary Clinton now needs to prove she is the person she says she is, someone with the guts and fire to be president of the United States one day.

By staying at home and sulking, she merely vindicates all those who voted for Obama as the better choice.

By staying home and sulking she is guaranteeing another four years of Republican domination.

[1] “Maybe Clinton Would’ve Been Better, Biden Says”, WSJ Blog, September 10th 2008

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5 Replies to “Looks Like The Queen Has Abdicated”

  1. Well she had the popular vote, RJA, the nimination was stolen from her. I doubt if she is at home and sulking. I predicted a long time ago that if BO got the ticket the Repugs would win the race.
    Alas, it is turning out to be true. BO doesn’t have what it takes to fight to the end and after the way he treated Hillary it is hard to blame her for detaching herself from a sick and ailing party. Not appointing her Veep was just the ammo that Rove/McCain needed to anoint Palin.

  2. I doubt she’s sulking, RJ. It’s possible that Obama hasn’t given her the go ahead yet to wade in and tell Ms Palin a thing or two.
    It’s probably tactics.

    I read in a couple of different places this week that there’s a rumour going around (probably invented, but interesting) that within the next 20 days Biden will step down as VP in order to take the potential position as Sec. of State in an Obama administration, the VP place to be taken by Hillary Clinton.

    It’s an unlikely scenario, but one which would give the Republican slime machine less time to get at Hillary, as they would have done had she been chosen first. If she had been chosen first I bet McCain would have chosen Bobby Jindal (sp?) as VP – young and from minority. It’s like a flippin’ game of chess !

  3. WWW – behind the scenes, I’m sure Clinton didn’t want the VP’s job. There’s only one party in this country now, but I’d sooner have Obama leading it than McCain.

    TOB – many thanks for the compliment – and the link. Turkey, again, heh? Hope you haven’t taken to wearing the burka.

    Twilight – I doubt that’s more than rumor. If Obama did that he’d jump straight in the Republican’s pocket. They’d have a field day, saying he couldn’t make a decision and stick by it. I would be amazed, and not a little disappointed, if that took place.

    Bobby Jindal would go down well with black Americans – he’s from the Punjab! Or, at least, his parents were. I don’t think even McCain could consider the American Punjabi minority as that worthy of vote-gathering. On the other hand, he does do everything wrong, so it’s a possibility. 😉

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