Self-Righteousness Only Creates Wrongness

America, with its moralistic media and strong churchism, is a vast, efficient, powerhouse of self-righteous hysteria. Perhaps, that’s the reason there’s been little apparent comment around the blogs, concerning the recent assault by SWAT teams and police on the Texas community known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Whatever one’s views on polygamy, the manner in which this ‘investigation’ has been carried out appears to have been overly heavy-handed, and fueled by self-righteous hysteria, rather than the possession of hard, solid, evidence.

Is not that, however, the way of America?

There have been numerous examples over the years, of America taking its almighty sledgehammer of so-called “justice” to swat a relatively small fly.

God knows, it’s reaction to the attacks of 9/11 is proof of that.

The removal of four hundred and sixteen children from their homes and parents, at a moment’s notice and with no chance to say goodbye, on the sole testimony of one anonymous female who has never been found, is not just a miscarriage of justice, but a crime against morality itself.

As usual the do-gooders and social workers are having their fifteen minutes of fame before a hot and over-excited media circus; reincarnated Hollywood John Waynes, in the guise of hard-boiled Texas law enforcement officers, chew tobacco, stare longingly at the far horizon, and mutter cavalierly of having “done the right thing”, and a hundred mothers are left grieving for the snatched offspring they justifiably fear will never be returned to them.

Whatever was going on at the Yearn for Zion ranch, however distasteful the crimes committed by and on some of this sect’s members (and, as yet, there is no solid evidence of forced marriages, or any other criminal activity) the moralistic self-righteousness that has been driving these recent events is yet another indictment of America; further confirmation that its membership of the civilized world is no more than a sad, immature, delusion.

Beneath its wafer-thin technological veneer, this nation is still as primitive and uncultured as any emerging African state.

Meanwhile, one hundred and thirty-nine mothers wait to determine whether the monster that surrounds them, the hostile behemoth they’ve attempted to hide from for years, will finally devour them and their children in a glut of self-righteous frenzy.

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4 Replies to “Self-Righteousness Only Creates Wrongness”

  1. The ways of the frontier for sure, RJA. What happened to innocent before proven guilty? While I can appreciate the alleged danger to the female children, surely there was some way they and their mothers could be protected in a safe house? I find the whole case perplexing and disturbing in the extreme and really bullied up for the media.
    Not for anyone. Right now anyway.

  2. WWW – one of the first things I learned about America on arriving here in 2002, was that you’re guilty until proved innocent in this country. ‘Justice’ may be a sentiment, but it isn’t a working principle.

    Flimsy – exactly right. If there are men in the compound who abuse children, they should be ones herded out and held. Leave the innocent mothers and kids alone.

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