Prevent Prostate Cancer

From This Old Brit comes a plea for all bloggers to spread the word and help alleviate this dreadful disease.

According to a BBC report, research suggests men can cut their prostate cancer risk by masturbating more frequently.[1]

Anthony Smith, deputy director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne, said:

“”Masturbation is part of people’s sexual repertoire.

“If these findings hold up, then it’s perfectly reasonable that men should be encouraged to masturbate.”

So, way you go, lads!

Now, we just need a volunteer to inform the Pope.

[1] “Masturbation ‘cuts cancer risk'”, BBC, July 16th, 2003.

NOTE: this research report is from July 2003, so it appears TOB has been hanging on to it for a while – if you’ll excuse the pun!

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4 Replies to “Prevent Prostate Cancer”

  1. I’ve been whacking off since I was 12 and I’m 67 and still doing it. My doctor always says I have a wonderful prostate when he gives me my annual “finger wave”. What more proof do you need that masturbation is good for you. Hey I’m not blind or crazy (yet) either so I guess my mom was wrong too. Then there was my buddy who wanted me to join the Catholic church. When I found out I couldn’t play with my weenie anymore I told him “I don’t think so dude!” (or something like that). Uhhhh….what was the question again?

  2. Mike – I’ve always been firmly of the mind that whatever people choose to do within the privacy of their own homes, and provided their are no victims, is fine by me. There is still far too many people in this world telling us what we may, or may not, do; what is right, and what is wrong, for us. Mostly they make a very nice living from either politics or religion. It’s time they learned to mind their own business, particularly as they seldom practice what they preach.

    TOB – perhaps if we could just persuade him he’s human, and not the Divine?

    WWW – now, I always heard hair on the palms of the hands was the first symptom of madness. The second……is looking for them! (Old schooldays joke – I guess it should have stayed there!)

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