Sanity Returns

If the trees in your backyard are bending in the wind just a little more than usual; if the smoke from your chimney is being whipped up into the ether without a chance to linger; if the clouds are scudding across the heavens the merest bit faster than yesterday, don’t worry. It has nothing to do with the weather.

It’s just the result of the whole world collectively releasing its pent-up breath.

Welcome back, Sanity.

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5 Replies to “Sanity Returns”

  1. Had McCain won, we would have been just fine as a nation. He would still bring on plenty of the change that our nation needs.

    With that said, I voted Obama and am very glad that Obama won. Not only for the fact that it demonstrates how far we’ve come as a nation – a nation where just fifty years ago African Americans went to segregated schools, drank out of seperate water fountains, and were pushed to the back of buses. Most importantly, if we need anything as a nation right now, it is inspiration and hope… which hopefully Obama can provide.

    It’s one step in the right direction and I am eager to see where the next four years take America.

    We can only hope far away from where we are today.

  2. Twilight – yes, indeed. Now, we must wait and see.

    JB – welcome to Sparrow Chat. I have to disagree with your opening paragraph. McCain’s record of voting, alongside Bush most of the time, is not conducive to any expectation of change. He made much of his ability to win wars, but has never won one, and spent most of his Vietnam experience in a POW camp. It’s my belief he would have made an incompetent leader and led the country (and the world) further down the path blazed by George W Bush. His flawed decision to pick a running mate with little more political knowledge than your eighth graders lays proof to that.
    I’m afraid I have to agree with Joe Galloway.

    As for your question re Obama’s oratory ability: some would rate Martin Luther King Jr as more adept than JFK. Obama is certainly up with the best. Reagan was rated highly by some, but as a professional actor he knew how to lie plausibly and even managed to fool himself much of the time. Personally, Obama’s oratory skills are less important to me than his obvious intelligence. I just hope he uses it for the good of the American people, rather than the US corporations.

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