Is There Anything To Miss?

The British newspaper, Daily Mail, today suggested we’d all miss George W Bush.[1]

With images like this:

And this:

And this:

The paper is suggesting that a world without Bush’s clowning and immature antics will be somewhat lacking; that somehow his tomfoolery brought a little sunshine into our lives.

They could be right, if we conveniently forget all the dead, and the maimed, and the broken, and the widowed, and the orphans.

No, we shall not miss George W Bush. And we will not forget him either. We’ll remember him every time we see images like this:

This girl is an Iraqi orphan at a demonstration of widows and orphans asking for help, in Kerbala, on Saturday November 1st 2008.[2]

The sign she is holding reads:

I am an orphan and nobody cares about me”

Fuck you, George W Bush. You won’t be missed.

[1] “By George, how we’ll miss him”, Daily Mail, November 4th 2008

[2] “I am an orphan and nobody cares about me”, Gorilla’s Guides, November 3rd 2008

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5 Replies to “Is There Anything To Miss?”

  1. Congratulations!
    I was really really hoping Obama would win this, and win he did.
    His speech was moving and inspirational, after so many years for the first time I felt like I’d love to be living in America, being part of this change, at this exciting and equally if not more challenging time. For a born-cynical and disillusioned pessimist (that’s me) to be so motivated and excited about an election, to the point that I wish I were in the USA at this time and be part of this magical time, is huge.
    Best of luck to Mr Obama, besides hard work and dedication he will need the luck to be on his side as well.

  2. Sorry I meant to add:
    Noone will miss Bush. Not today, not ever. Not the orphans of the American soldiers he sent off to war, nor the orphans of war in the countries he invaded *shudder*
    If anything if he was labeled a war criminal I wouldn’t be surprised. There is so much blood on his hands, tons of bleach won’t wash off…

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