Political Shenanigans

Mitt Romney has bowed out of the Republican nomination race. Twenty-four hours earlier he had vowed to fight on.

What changed his mind?

Did he do the decent thing and, realizing he could never win, step down to assist John McCain?


Perhaps he thought Huckabee would pick up more delegates if he weren’t around?


While the media makes much of the alleged enmity between McCain and Romney, we are all aware how wrong the media can be much of the time. The actions of Massachusetts’s ex-governor can only aid McCain’s chances and it now seems a foregone conclusion that McCain will be the Republican’s presidential nominee.

Given that becomes fact, McCain will need a running mate. Will that moment be the pay-back time for Mitt Romney? After all, there are few viable contenders left in the party, and McCain is hardly likely to choose Huckabee as his would-be vice president, now is he?

Meanwhile, on the Democratic front Clinton and Obama managed to raise a staggering $10+ million dollars in the space of twenty-four hours, ostensibly from online campaigning. I suppose its vaguely conceivable that individual’s donations might produce that amount of money, but given the state of the economy it seems unlikely.

Have, perhaps, the corporate coffers been opened one more time to keep Messrs Clinton and Obama in the fray?

Admittedly, it was sad that poor Hillary had to “loan” her campaign $5 million dollars to stay afloat, while much was made of staff working for free due to her poverty.

Strangely, considering it’s Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her $5 million dollars, no-one is bothering to ask how this “loan” will be repaid.

All-in-all, the murkiness of American politics is conveniently hiding many truths. Whether underhand dealings are more prevalent than in past election campaigns is difficult to measure, but given that the perpetrators have been around George W Bush for the last eight years, it would be surprising if that were not the case.

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4 Replies to “Political Shenanigans”

  1. Flimsy, I wonder how many few have given that fact any serious consideration? If it’s even crossed their minds at all.

    I doubt there has ever been a time when the old “just one heartbeat away” thingee has been more important. If McCain (perish the thopught), did become the US president just imagine how America’s fate could/would hang on ….. who?

  2. Good points, all three of you!
    Mitt could be the fox in the henhouse here, pardon the pun….
    All in all a fait accompli, McCain for sure, and 1 dead McCain=1 Romnibus.

  3. This point has been taken up and followed through succinctly. McCain is holding up well to the rigors of a political campaign, but how long can a 72-year old body stand the pace? Romney may well be offering up Mormon prayers that it will, at least, hold out till January ’08.

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