Back On-line At Last!

My apologies to those of you desperate(!) for your fix of Sparrow Chat who have met with only a bland “Maintenance Mode” banner for the last twenty-four hours.

With the re-recording of “Yarns of a Professional Gongoozler” finally complete, thumb it became necessary to update webpages inline with marketing processes. While doing so it seemed commonsense to use complimentary colors for the blog.

Most of the work is now complete, and the few minor tweaks still outstanding can be adjusted without resorting to further downtime.

“Yarns of a Professional Gongoozler” (see sidebar) is now available for download in two formats: 240Mb stereo-interleaved, and for those with slower connections, a 120Mb mono version. Both offer good sound quality, and are a vast improvement on the original.

Once again, apologies for the delay.

5 Replies to “Back On-line At Last!”

  1. Flimsy – I knew you’d approve.

    Al – having seen your own startlingly good blog upgrade, I just had to keep up with the DeVito’s!

    WWW – sorry about the wire, It’s so difficult keeping all those darned Mexicans out! Glad you like the color scheme.

    Twilight – “Chinos and Khaki”!?! I’ll have you know this scheme is a combination of Sensual Saffron and Leafy Sagebrush, with just a hint of Afrikaan Savannah. “Chinos and Khaki”, indeed! You can always rely on a British girl to lower the tone…… 😉

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