Personal Hygiene Education – Is It Right For You?

I’m a regular reader of the Guardian online as it’s the only British-based ‘newspaper’ that I have any faith will provide me with relatively unbiased news. But I was appalled this morning to discover a headline which read, “How often should you wash your gym kit?”

Now, admittedly, it was in the ‘Lifestyle’ section and not up there with the major headlines – those eternal headbangers featuring Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – though Johnson might well benefit from a lecture in personal hygiene given the state of him here…

…but really, is it necessary for Guardian readers to be informed on the state of their underwear, for basically that’s all gym kit is? Surely, the rule is international, passed down from generation to generation since time immemorial:


When I returned home from school, sweaty sports shirt and shorts crammed into my schoolbag along with dirty plimsolls (they weren’t called ‘trainers’ in those days) and the night’s homework, my mother would wrinkle her nose, drag the offending items out between finger and thumb, and have the dolly tub ready steaming, disinfected, and washing powered to receive them. After a good soak, followed by ten minutes heavy pummeling, they’d be out, rinsed, mangled, and hung out to dry within the hour. (If you don’t know what a dolly tub is, Google it!)

Today’s parents have it easy. Just chuck ’em in the washer, transfer to the dryer, and they’re done while mother watches Coronation Street on the telly.

So why is it necessary for the Guardian to print instructions on personal hygiene for today’s generation?

Try walking around Asda, or Sainsburys, or any other busy supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, and you’ll discover the answer.

Perhaps their next ‘Lifestyle’ article should be a treatise on underarm care and the use of deodorants.

2 Replies to “Personal Hygiene Education – Is It Right For You?”

  1. LOL! The Guardian editors probably had space to fill and some young aspiring columnist came up with that little gem! Anyway your post brought back nice memories of those long ago wash-day sights and smells (not the nasty gym tackle ones – the soapy steamy, hot watery ones) and the sight of dolly tub, mangle, posher and dolly-stick. Wash day was Monday in our neck of the woods. Wednesday was cleaning of bedrooms day. I don’t recall how the rest of the week went. My Mum would probably have made sure I had 3 sets of gym shirt and knickers, so that the smelly stuff could always wait until Monday for a good dowsing.

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