Family Problems At Sparrow Chat

Posting is light at present. I’ve had to rush to the UK as my 104-year-old father has suffered a bad fall and is in hospital at Colwyn Bay in North Wales. No broken bones, but serious cuts and bruises and of course a massive shock to his already frail body.

He has lived alone for the last twenty years and is fiercely independent, but failing eyesight and unsteady legs caused him to fall heavily in his kitchen while reaching for biscuits in a top cupboard.

He is insistent he will return to his home soon, but we must wait and see.

It is hoped Sparrow Chat will resume posting soon.

(Sorry for the errors, now corrected, it was sent in a rush from my phone!)


2 Replies to “Family Problems At Sparrow Chat”

  1. Oh – that has to be an extra worry on your shoulders, RJ! I do hope your Dad is feeling better by now. It’s good that you are not as far away from the UK as you once were.

    Not sure if my comments are getting through, but commenting anyway.

  2. Twilight ~ they are getting through again now (problem with caching, I believe). Sorry I’ve been a while getting round to answering them.
    My father is on the mend and we’re now back in France. He’s still in hospital but the local community services are working on getting him back home. They’re making some changes to his house to make movement easier, and he’s getting a proper hospital bed with a hoist so he can get himself in and out. He also has a wonderful neighbour who looks after him, has been spending hours at the hospital with him, and will keep an eye on him once he’s home.
    He may yet make 105!

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