Perhaps A Lone Petunia In An Onion Patch

At the last Democratic hopefuls’ debate, when asked if he thought prayer could actually produce results, John Edwards was honest enough to say, “No.” He went on to explain that he had prayed before his son, Wade, died in 1996; had also prayed for his wife’s health prior to the news she had cancer. As a result, or perhaps because of the lack of any, he no longer had faith in prayer as a means to an end.

That is a refreshingly honest observation from a politician in America today. It leaves one wondering how the question might be answered by any of the Republican hopefuls.

In sharp contrast to Edward’s forthrightness, Hilary Clinton trotted out the same old political side-steps and tried to show herself as a tough, experienced, campaigner well suited to handling the nation’s primary position. It may be an attitude that is winning her friends among the electorate. But then, the American voter is easily swayed.

After eight years of the Clinton’s in office, and a dozen or so of the Bush dynasty at the helm, the last thing America needs is more of the same.

“Ah,” but I hear the cry, “The Clinton years were good years.”

No, they were not.

In his latest article published recently in the UK’s leading current affair’s magazine, New Statesman, award-winning journalist John Pilger, writes of Bill Clinton:

“In 1993, he pursued George H W Bush’s invasion of Somalia. He invaded Haiti in 1994. He bombed Bosnia in 1995 and Serbia in 1999. In 1998, he bombed Afghanistan; and, at the height of his Monica Lewinsky troubles, he momentarily diverted the headline writers to a major “terrorist target” in Sudan that he ordered destroyed with an onslaught of missiles. It turned out to be sub-Saharan Africa’s largest pharmaceutical plant, the only source of chloroquine, the treatment for malaria, and other drugs that were lifelines to hundreds of thousands. As a result, wrote Jonathan Belke, then of the Near East Foundation, “tens of thousands of people – many of them children – have suffered and died from malaria, tuberculosis and other treatable diseases”.

Long before Shock and Awe, Clinton was destroying and killing in Iraq. Under the lawless pretence of a “no-fly zone”, he oversaw the longest allied aerial bombardment since the Second World War. This was hardly reported. At the same time, he imposed and tightened a Washington-led economic siege estimated to have killed a million civilians. “We think the price is worth it,” said his secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, in an exquisite moment of honesty.”

The pharmaceutical plant quoted by Pilger was al-Shifa in Sudan. Stated “US intelligence”, along with ex-pat opponents of the Sudanese government, suggested the plant was producing nerve gas and was linked to Osama bin Laden. In fact, justification for the incident bore a remarkable similarity to the excuses trotted out by the Bush administration just prior to the invasion of Iraq.

Americans who consider Hilary Clinton an admirable suitor for their vote should bear in mind that her previous experience in the White House is not necessarily a positive asset. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Pilger again:

“These days, you see Good Ol’ Bill, or the Comeback Kid, as he is variously known, wiggling his head on the TV news, campaigning for his wife, Hillary, among Americans who, terminally naive, still believe the Democratic Party is theirs and that “it’s time to vote a woman into the White House”. Together, the Clintons are known as “Billary” and rightly so. Like Good Ol’ Bill, his wife has no plans to address the divisions of a society that allows 130,000 Americans to claim the wealth of millions of their fellow citizens. Like GOB, she wants to continue Iraq’s torment for perhaps a decade. And she has not “ruled out” attacking Iran.”

What America needs after twenty years of White House lies, evasion, and political subterfuge is a smattering of truth and honesty from its leaders. Sparrow Chat has no political affiliations, and is not subject to any “party loyalty”. Simple observation is sufficient to illuminate the snake-oil salesman facade projected by most prospective candidates for George Bush’s desk, and at this early stage it’s still not possible to select one as a suitable future US president.

Nevertheless, a smattering of honesty and integrity from any politician is as welcome as a warm day in the Arctic, and equally as rare.

Read the complete article by John Pilger HERE.

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  1. Clinton also couldn’t do enough for free trade and we know how well that has worked. If Clinton gets nominated, there is no way the Republicans can lose, no matter who they run. I still remember Hillary saying she talked to Eleanor Roosevelt and that one statement is enough to bring her down more than the misquoting about Kerry inventing the internet (when he actually did sponsor all the legislation that made it possible). Rove was on all three news talking head shows praising Hillary. The fact that such an evil Republican as Rove wants her is too creepy.

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