Four Hundred Down ….And Counting ….

Allow Sparrow Chat to offer its congratulations to Texas, and its present governor, Rick Perry. On Wednesday October 22nd, Texas will execute its 400th human being. There is no argument in favor of this bestial act that stands scrutiny in our modern age. China is regularly condemned by the world for its human rights policy, including an abundance of executions. The United States in general, and Texas in particular, are similarly guilty of inhuman barbarism.

For once, the European Union has spoken out against the practice in America and has called on Rick Perry to use his powers to prevent this killing. Perry has refused. A spokesman for the governor told the BBC:

“Two hundred and thirty years ago, our forefathers fought a war to throw off the yoke of a European monarch and gain the freedom of self-determination……….”

Indeed, Mister Governor, and what a wonderful job you’ve done with your “freedom of self-determination. You still live in an age that hasn’t existed in Europe for one hundred of those two hundred and thirty years. You and your country may have succeeded in using your “freedom of self-determination” to stockpile arms and become the most powerful, and possibly the most hated, nation on the planet, and maybe that makes you feel good, but it is hardly a record deserving of respect and dignity.

Just what is your record, Governor? You call yourself a Christian. You are on record as stating you believe all who reject Jesus Christ as their savior will go to hell. Sparrow Chat hopes you enjoy your eternal burn, governor. You may pay lip service to your religion, but you sure as hell don’t practice what it teaches.

In February 2007 you mandated that Texas girls be vaccinated with Gardasil, Merck’s latest anti-cancer vaccine. It’s easy then to cast aside your “freedom of self-determination” and force others to your viewpoint, particularly when there’s something in it for you? Merck paid $10,000 to you and eight other Texas lawmakers on the same day – October 6th, 2006 – your aides were being briefed on the vaccine. They met with Mike Toomey, a lobbyist for Merck and, unsurprisingly, your ex-chief-of-staff three times in the months before the mandatory order was issued. Of course, according to your spokesman, Robert Black, the same guy who issued your mind-blowing quote above, it was all just an amazing coincidence.

Of course, governor, it’s wrong to suggest Texas doesn’t deserve you, just as it deserved the governor into whose shoes you stepped when he became president eight years ago. The majority of Texans didn’t like your mandatory vaccine order, but not due to any infringement of rights, or because of your undoubted financial gains. Oh, no, they complained because it weakened their blinkered doctrine of sexual chastity before marriage.

They deserve you, governor. But the guy you’re going to put to death in the next few hours doesn’t deserve you. It’s not your right to play God with his life, whatever he has done.

You see, your Jesus preached forgiveness. He said to turn the other cheek. His teaching are full of just one four-letter word: LOVE.

There’s no room in your heart for love, Governor Perry. Your views smack more of the Taliban, than Christianity.

So congratulations, governor, from Sparrow Chat.

No, not for being the one to act as judge and executioner of the 400th human being to be put to death in Texas, though I’m sure there’s many will hold a party to celebrate.

In fact, governor, these congratulations are not just for you, but for the state of Texas.

Congratulations, Texas, for managing to consecutively vote into power:

                          perry.jpg         gwb.jpg

probably two of the most repulsive, slimy, inhumane apologies for arseholes in America today.

And in the United States of America, that title is damned hard to achieve.

BBC Website report HERE.

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  1. Too bad politicians and lying police cannot be tried for their murder and put to death – would make them more careful. Statistically, chances are that a few of the 400 were innocent. The Innocence Project has freed over 200 wrongfully accused. Of course the innocent prisoner sues (can’t blame them as they have lost 20 years of their life in some cases) so the taxpayer has to pay for the incompetence of cops and prosecutors yet again, not to mention that the true offender is still on the streets.

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