On The Move

I’m afraid blog posts will be scarce or non-existent for a while, as we’re in process of moving house from Illinois to Marquette, on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We’re traveling up for a few days tomorrow (Saturday), but the main move is taking place on June 9th. On arrival, the vexed question of Broadband access has to be addressed. It’s looking as though satellite is the only option, which doesn’t please me as the local DSL supplier, TDS, has been promising for months that DSL is available at the property, only to turn around this week and state that it isn’t.

I’ll post further bulletins, either here on Sparrow Chat, or over at the 100-Acre Wood House blog, as and when it’s possible.

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3 Replies to “On The Move”

  1. Oh you know the challenges I had in that department, RJA! Finally on what is called “Turbo Stick”. Lied to by Bell Aliant and East Link, etc. as to provision of broadband. Outports still don’t have it. I never stop protesting, it is outrageous in this day and age.
    Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled about your impending move.
    Keep us posted!

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